How “Biafra restoration” commotion impacts negatively on real liberation efforts – LNC/NINAS

Protesters on Day-2 at the NINAS Million-Man March outside the UN Building in New York; venue of the 76th United Nations General Assembly.

By his comment of 24th of March 2020 on Facebook, one Samson Ovenseri Fidelis joined the growing ranks of those suggesting unity amongst the various initiatives in the liberation project of the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria (ie the Lower Niger). Tony Nnadi of the LNC to whom the comment was directed, responded as follows:

“Samson Ovenresi Fidelis, the problem is that Nnamdi Kanu is a clear-minded determined fraud. The LNC engaged him and his partners-in-crime quietly between 2013 and 2019 even while they continued to wreak havoc on the Liberation Project, churning out more lies and propaganda to deliberately distort the Clear Propositions of the LNC and thereby making the Tasks of the Liberation Project a lot more difficult. The reason the LNC is issuing the marching orders now is that their malfeasances are putting the Project itself at risk-levels that cannot be tolerated.

“In specific terms and in answer to the Frequently Asked Question: “In what way Exactly does the Actions of IPOB and the Biafra Agitation Groups impact wrongly on what the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners are Doing?”, let me Summarize the answer of the LNC in 3 broad headings:

“Quite apart from the debilitating confusion created by the Criminal Merchants driving of “Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon amongst our own People who now erroneously think that “Biafra Restoration” is totally different (or even somewhat superior to) the plain Self-Determination/Independence Campaign of the LNC, the methods employed by the Rogue “Biafra Restoration” Franchisees:

(1) Damaging the Delicate INTERNAL REGIONAL COHESION painstakingly built amongst the Various Nationalities of the Lower over the course of the last 15 years.

(2) Destroying the MULTI-REGIONAL ALLIANCE painstakingly built by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners in Yorubaland and the Middle Belt in the course of the last 15 Years bringing the South and the Middle Belt together into an Majority Bloc, pushing irreversibly towards the Take-Down of the 1999 Constitution along with the Toxic Unitary Union it foists whilst also isolating the recalcitrant and Obdurate Sharia Caliphate into a hopeless minority that must now confront it’s own new reality. This is a defeat of the 1967 Alliance that came against the East.

(3) Distorting and Damaging the painstakingly distilled Winning Narrative already embraced by the International Community especially the US (and the UN).

“Anyone who seeks ‘Biafra’ but goes on to massively sabotage and denigrate the efforts of those (LNC & MNN Alliance) who already deployed an effective Strategy to take down the Monster called ‘Nigeria’ which holds down the Greater Eastern Nigeria and the rest of Southern and Middle Belt Nigeria, is an enemy of the Liberation Project who must now be stopped by any means necessary.

“Let it be also known that on account of the serial Treacheries and Dishonesty of Nnamdi Kanu, (which has caused the unnecessary spilling of Innocent Blood in our Homeland, and harrowing pains and setbacks to the Project) the LNC will not allow him and his already identified Partners-In-Crime including Uche Mefor and the semi-literate, dishonest Simon Ekpa, to come near the Project until the Task is finished, because their loyalty is strictly to the nefarious enterprise they set up, to make quick illicit gains from the ignorance and desperation of our People, riding on the inexhaustible capital of the sentimental attachment of our People to the Sacred concept of Biafra. The LNC will not allow the further desecration of that Sacred name Biafra, over which a huge blood price of over 3.5 Million of our own, was paid.

“Sentiments have no place in the matter at hand. Whoever wants to preach Unity amongst the various Initiatives in the Liberation MUST begin with examining in full, the written Propositions and RoadMaps of each Initiative. The LNC has put forward its 8-Point Strategy Designs already deployed in a Clear RoadMap of Actions and over which it differs IRRECONCILABLY with the “Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon. Any proposal on Unity must begin with a full engagement with that Strategy Document. Unless a Better Strategy is Put on the table, the LNC will focus its energies 100% on its RoadMap and Template.

“Let it also be made clear that while the “Biafra Agitation” commotion can be said to be a loud lamentation of a People in bondage and pain as well as a vigorous expression of the desire to be Free of that Bondage and Pain, the Lower Niger Congress is the STRATEGY and VEHICLE for ending that Bondage and that Pain, not only for the Peoples of the aggrieved Eastern Nigeria but for the rest of the Peoples of the South and Middle Belt Nigeria.

“Anyone who does not know this already is dwelling in self-Imposed ignorance that can be very easily cured by an examination of the exact LNC Propositions.

“On the other hand, who knows who knows this but decides to trade in the blood, misery, ignorance and Desperation of our People under the omnibus and totally meaningless banner of “Biafra Restoration” is a Criminal that must be stopped. That is precisely the offense of the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise Merchants (not the hoodwinked Biafra Restoration footsoldiers) and that is why the LNC which is getting to the successful completion of its Self-Determination Campaign is now taking steps to clear out these criminal elements ahead of the Referendum already in the horizon on the 20-Year RoadMap deployed since 1999 to Correct the Mistake of 1914”