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Opinion | How to cure the weak social conscience in Nigeria

In the Atlantic Post Opinion Section

“I am told that there was a time when Nigerian society was caring, and lived by the principles of Ubuntu. Some say it ended with the civil war of 1967-70. War does change people, civil war can change people all the more,” writes Ndidi Uwechue in her weekly “Ndidi Uwechue’s Column: The Smart African.. A Place for Intelligent Discourse.”

Opinion | Insecurity in Southeast: Time for Igbo youths to synergize with military to restore glory

In the Atlantic Post Opinion Section, Jude Ede-Attah writes: “Whoever imagined that time will come when Igbos will behead each other in broad daylight, spike the severed heads and play football with it? Whoever thought that it is possible that Ndigbo who are acclaimed for their respect for personal hard work and toil would willfully set ablaze the hard-earned goods and property of any of their own for no discernible reason and beat their chest about it?”

Opinion | How PDP’s only hope of survival is the NINAS movement

In the Atlantic Post Opinion Section, Ndidi Uwechue writes: “We do find that PDP still goes by the name of “political party”, but that is an illusion or delusion. This type of delusion is quite common in Nigeria. Here are a couple of examples: there is a stretch of uneven ground, thinly tarred, that has no traffic lights, no pedestrian crossings, no pavement, just huge potholes, more like craters, yet Nigerians insist on calling it a “Road”.”