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Opinion | A Lady Called Corona And The Future Of Nigeria

“The Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda of Usman Dan Fodio, Ahmadu Bello, Muhammadu Buhari and their collaborators and allies which has been rigorously, clinically, surreptitiously and ruthlessly implemented over the last 220 years cannot and shall not succeed,” Femi Fani-Kayode writes in Opinions.


Opinion | The ”Biafra Restoration” Multitude And The LNC Liberation Project: Notes Of Clarification

“Let it be made clear that when the Referendum Threshold is reached in the LNC RoadMap/Template, great Multitudes of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in the Homeland, numbering over 70 Million, will not require the irritating, distracting and meddlesome middleman-ship of the phantom “multitude” now being bandied about, to be “persuaded” to vote an overwhelming YES for Freedom,” Tony Nnadi writes.