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Opinion | My Encounter With Ahmed Idris, Buhari’s Accountant General Of The Federation

Opinion: My encounter with Ahmed Idris, Buhari’s Accountant General of the Federation. — By Dr. Sam Amadi

Opinion | Wike’s Agenda For Comparative Advantage

“The argument for true federalism, restructuring and resource control, in one form or the other, actually predates Nigeria’s independence and the confirmation of our status as a republic, but since then, each state and zone has grown into the realization of its areas of strength, geographic and demographic advantages,” Paulinus Nsirim writes.

Opinion | The Meaning Of Jesus

“Today is Easter. Today, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the one they worship as the Messiah. Before he went to the grave, he first went to the cross. That happened on a day, Christians through the ages since Friday, April 3. 33 AD, have called ‘Good Friday’,” Sam Amadi writes in Opinions.