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Untangling the Eastern Nigeria Liberation campaign from the “Biafra Restoration” albatross

“That the use of the Term “Biafra” in describing the Territory over which he seeks independence, throws up the controversy as to whether it is the Biafra Territory of May 30, 1967 or whether the Territory has shrunk to the East Central State of May 27, 1967 or expanded to include parts or the whole of Midwest Region/State of May 27, 1967,” Tony Nnadi writes in Opinions.

Opinion | The ”Biafra Restoration” Multitude And The LNC Liberation Project: Notes Of Clarification

“Let it be made clear that when the Referendum Threshold is reached in the LNC RoadMap/Template, great Multitudes of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in the Homeland, numbering over 70 Million, will not require the irritating, distracting and meddlesome middleman-ship of the phantom “multitude” now being bandied about, to be “persuaded” to vote an overwhelming YES for Freedom,” Tony Nnadi writes.