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Perspective | 2019: What Does PDP Really Want?

Therefore, if the PDP is committed to the current popular national agenda of returning the APC to the wastebasket of history, they should go for the Wazirin Adamawa in the upcoming convention. That is the only way the party, and by extension the country, can begin to regain the lost glory.


PDP Formally Welcomes Dogara Back, Says Return Is Courageous

The PDP has formally welcomed the Speaker Dogara back to its fold, saying his return is a courageous response to the party’s call on compatriots to rally with it and rescue our nation.

London Mayor Calls For Second Referendum On Brexit

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for another referendum on Britain’s European Union membership, saying the prime minister’s handling of Brexit negotiations had become “mired in confusion and deadlock” and was leading the country down a damaging path.

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