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Opinion | For The Record: NINAS’s Important Clarifications Regarding Campaign Platforms

First issued on February 13, 2021 and reissued on November 22, 2021, this article provides background information on the emergence of the Nigerian Indigenous Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) from a clear, cohesive strategic intervention process that dates back to the date of imposition of the 1999 Constitution.

CAN calling on determined Jihadists to repent, shut out Islam from Nigeria? – Tony Nnadi 2017 revisited

In 2017, Lower Niger Congress (LNC) Secretary General Tony Nnadi wrote the following (and we were prompted today to revisit it) in response to a November 7, 2017 communiqué in which the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) alleged that there was an ongoing Islamization of Nigeria and urged the Buhari administration to pull Nigeria out of the OIC amongst other steps: