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Why We Must Expeditiously Take Down The 1999 Constitution After #COVID19 Lockdown – LNC Sec-Gen

Front line Self-determination campaigner, LNC Sec-Gen Tony Nnadi has given a number of reasons why Nigeria’s Constitution must be expeditiously taken down after the lockdown.

The Genuine “Biafra” Agitation, The Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise And The Lower Niger Self-Determination Campaign

It will amount to an utter desecration of that name, “Biafra” for anyone to employ it for such ignoble purposes as we have seen in many of the Biafra-Now-Now Caricatures marauding all over the place in the course of the last 15-20 Years. It is a matter of duty for all from the Greater Eastern Nigeria who know of the sanctity of that name and who see this desecration, to take steps to defend the honour and sacredness of the name.