London Mayor Calls For Second Referendum On Brexit

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for another referendum on Britain’s European Union membership, saying the prime minister’s handling of Brexit negotiations had become “mired in confusion and deadlock” and was leading the country down a damaging path.


The Epistle Of Pope Francis To The ‘People Of God’ On Allegations Of Sex Abuse By Catholic Priests

Bothered by the barrage of allegations of sex abuse by Catholic priests in a lot of countries, Pope Francis, in an unprecedented manner wrote an epistle to all Catholic faithfuls asking each member to help eliminate what he described as “this culture of death”.

Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary General Dies at 80

Former Secretary General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Laureate, Kofi Annan is late. He died after a brief illness on Saturday 18th August, 2018.

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