Nigerian Army claims victory over ISWAP/BH Islamist terrorists in the battle of Buni Yadi

The Nigerian Army has claimed victory against Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram (BH) and Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) in the Tuesday November 30 fierce battle of Buni Yadi, in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.

Edo farmers reject chemical-based fertilizers, insist on Agroecology

“I have seen it from experience that a farm that is cultivated with organic inputs produces more than those using chemicals. We farmers do not always admit that chemicals are harmful to us. I have been trained in the past on the harmful use of chemicals and I appreciate this training because it has further opened my eyes and added to my knowledge,” one of the farmers trained by HOMEF said.

Princewills Trust starts new season of Dubai tourism partnership, 1st batch winners travel

The initiator of the challenge and founder of Princewill’s Trust, Tonye Princewill had this to say “I’m especially proud of the calibre of talent of youth we are sending to Dubai. We’ve pulled out all the stops to give these boys and girls an experience, that will not be forgotten. It’s up to them now to use what they learn to improve their immediate environment and I want the change to begin within.”

Opinion | Is it sensible to go to elections in 2023 under this raging insecurity?

“A difference between the people of Western countries and the people of Nigeria, is in how they each deal with (existential) threats. The way that violence and evil are spreading in Nigeria and the horrific manner that entire communities are slaughtered, and with even children maimed and raped, then hacked to death, is alarming, yet there has been no adequate response so far from the majority of citizens,” Ndidi Uwechue writes in Opinions.