Opinion | A commentary on the audio of Pastor Istaphanus by Tony Nnadi of NINAS

By Tony Nnadi

This audio by the Speaker that introduced himself as Pastor Istaphanus has been circulating for at the least 5 years. The Rogue Biafra Franchise merely put a video on it to adapt the message to suit their hollow shenanigans which reduces the whole discussion to an Igbo-only redemption bid with no concern whatsoever for the rest of Non-Caliphate Nigeria (ie the rest of the NINAS Alliance Territories).

Even at that, the use of the campaign tag, “Biafra Restoration” distorts the Campaign from being an Igbo Redemption Campaign as it forcefully drags the Niger Delta Nationalities into the arena in deep resentment and opposition.

Is it not self-evident that the LNC/NINAS Grand Strategy which clearly separates the irredentist Fulani/Sharia Caliphate enemy from rest of Non-Caliphate Nigeria whilst simultaneously delineating the Constituent Component Blocs into Formations that create Internal Cohesion for the Purpose of Jointly ousting the common enemy by ousting the enemy’s Instrument of Power, the 1999 Constitution is the Route to Freedom ?

Yes, it will be great if anyone can find the contact of the Pastor Istaphanus so that he can be enlightened properly and drafted into the task, yet the Questions that immediately present themselves will include:

In Comparison with the LNC/NINAS Grand Script and RoadMap for the Liberation of all Non-Sharia, Non-Caliphate Constituent Component of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria (South & Middle-Belt);

(1) What is the Exact Territorial Description (Map) of the Biafra being referred to in the audio or even by the Biafra Restoration Agitators?.

(2) What Discussions have the Restorers of that Biafra had with the Nationalities whose Territories fall into that Map of “Biafra”?.

(3) What would happen to the several other Ethnic Nations in the South and Middle-Belt who are equally being slaughtered, oppressed and targeted for extermination via Ethnic Cleansing by the Fulani?.

(4) Where is the Strategy and Roadmap of those lamenting the danger and existential threat espoused in the Istaphanus audio, for simultaneously engaging and overcoming the the many issues driving the lamentations?.

(5) What discussions have these Restorers of Biafra had with the Key Stakeholders in the International Circuit, beyond empty Propaganda backed by unintelligent Photoshopping?

It is one thing to lament Present Bondage and aspire for Future Freedom; it is another to Script and Effectively Deploy a Potent Plan capable of Extinguishing the Source of the Present Lamentations and Bondage, and of Launching the Trapped Constituent Components into a Future of Freedom.

While the Agitations going on across Nigeria including for “Biafra Restoration” and “Oodua Nation”, “Resource Control” and “Resructuring” ALL represent a Cry for Freedom, LNC and NINAS represent the STRATEGY and RouteMap for attaining that FREEDOM.

It is up to those who genuinely seek Liberation from the Caliphate Prison the World calls “Nigeria” to whether to Continue in Loud Lamentations and Aspirations as espoused by Istaphanus or to embrace the Urgent Task of Liberation and Freedom as proffered by the LNC/NINAS Grand Script.

Tony Nnadi, Esq. is Co-Convener of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) and Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC).