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Why We Must Expeditiously Take Down The 1999 Constitution After #COVID19 Lockdown – LNC Sec-Gen

Front line Self-determination campaigner, LNC Sec-Gen Tony Nnadi has given a number of reasons why Nigeria’s Constitution must be expeditiously taken down after the lockdown.

Preparations Towards A Countdown To The People-mandated Constitutional Force Majeure That Will Ease Out The Repudiated 1999 Constitution In An Orderly Process

“Now that the Supreme Court of Nigeria has most graciously buried the restless ghost of the 2019 Electoral Ritual with its October 30, 2019 Verdict on the February 23, 2019 fray, the LNC invites all who reject Nigeria’s Unitary Constitution of 1999 into the urgent task of easing out that Death-Dispensing and Unworkable Constitution which has been since been Repudiated throughout Nigeria,” Tony Nnadi writes in Opinions.