The Genuine “Biafra” Agitation, The Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise And The Lower Niger Self-Determination Campaign

By Tony Nnadi

Looking through the flurry of comments that trailed the post made on the Lower Niger Congress Facebook Page, July 8, 2019 referring to a segment of the “Biafra” Agitation as the ROGUE GLOBAL “BIAFRA” FRANCHISE, it is clear that most of the commentators mistook what was posted as a blanket dismissal of all the “Biafra” Agitation Groups as Frauds. No. That is not at all the case and I posted 3 videos, one audio and links to the text of two 2017 Public Communications Documents of the LNC, altogether defining the clear line of demarcation between the Genuine “Biafra” Agitation and the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise being deployed by criminally-minded elements in our midsts to hoodwink and trade in the blood, misery and desperation of the entrapped, distressed and largely ill-informed (not necessarily illiterate) of our People, home and abroad.

While the said post of July 8, 2019 is still there, (even amidst the pleas of many for the post to be taken down from the LNC Wall), available for review by all, I consider it pertinent to re-post in this clarification note, the links posted in support of the aforementioned Headpost in order to afford all concerned to fully examine the entirety of what was put out, both for context, factual content and more importantly, the core pillars of the Structured, Strategy-Driven Self-Determination Campaign as framed and being prosecuted by the Lower Niger Congress and it’s MNN Alliance Partners since almost 20 Years in 5 Phases that is already heading to the REFERENDUM Terminus.

Before I post the aforementioned links, permit me to remind us that going by the events of 1966-1970, that name “Biafra” must be kept sacred and should evoke only honour and awe wherever mentioned on the face of the earth, especially amongst our People who sought a flight into the future on a scalers and in dimensions that shocked the Global Community. Never should that sacred name be allowed to be desecrated by merchants of fortune and fame in the manner that has largely characterized the “Biafra Restoration Agitation”.

Considering the fact that it was under that most inspiring Biafra banner that:

(1) The embattled and viciously hunted Peoples of Eastern Nigeria made extreme sacrifices amidst indescribable anguish, to seek a better, secure and more honourable future outside the Toxic Nigerian Federation which collapsed in July 1966.

(2) Over 3.5 million of our kith and kin were murdered butchered, massacred and starved to death including about 2million Children whose protruding stomachs marked the terminal stages of acute child-malnutrition disease called Kwashiorkor.

It will amount to an utter desecration of that name, “Biafra” for anyone to employ it for such ignoble purposes as we have seen in many of the Biafra-Now-Now Caricatures marauding all over the place in the course of the last 15-20 Years. It is a matter of duty for all from the Greater Eastern Nigeria who know of the sanctity of that name and who see this desecration, to take steps to defend the honour and sacredness of the name.

It is that duty that prompted the July 8, 2019 Facebook post calling out the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise. (That post still there on the Lower Niger Congress Facebook Wall and available to be reviewed by anyone who so wishes). Now to the supporting posts.

(1) The first is the video link below showing an interview of June 2019 by IrokoTV in which the Leader of one of the many “Biafra” Agitation Groups expressly lied that the Presentations of the Secretary-General of the Lower Niger Congress to the IRF Roundtable June 5-11, 2019 at the US Congress in Washington DC had nothing with the efforts to liberate Eastern Nigeria from the shackles and oppressions of One-Nigeria.

Here is link to that Interview: https://youtu.be/8XIPJmC2iYw

(2) The 2 links to the two-part video below, show another interview of Tony Nnadi of the LNC, June 25, 2019, by the same IrokoTV, examining the engagements of the LNC Secretary-General, Tony Nnadi at the IRF Roundtable at Capitol Hill, June 5-11, 2019.

The 3rd link is the Video Clip of an Interview of Tony Nnadi by the same IrokoTV, January 2019 in New York, in the immediate aftermath of the EMERGENCY PRESS CONFERENCES ON NIGERIA held at the National Press Club, Washington DC at which both Tony Nnadi and a Mr Frank Gaffney made presentations that relate directly to the June 2019 IRF Roundtables.

The 4th video Clip is the Presentation of Tony Nnadi at the aforementioned Emergency Press Conferences on Nigeria, June 17, 2019.

Following the January 17, 2019 Emergency Press Conferences on Nigeria, the 5th link is the audio of the Interview of Tony Nnadi by Mr Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio, syndicated to over 200 National Stations in the US (broadcasting simultaneously) January 19, 2019 in which Mr Tony Nnadi expounded on the issues raised by his Presentation at the January 17, 2019 Emergency Press Conferences on Nigeria in Washington DC.

(1) NIGERIA IN TRANSITION Part-1, https://youtu.be/HlRtVFsgaUo

(2) NIGERIA IN TRANSITION Part-2 https://youtu.be/9Ef8Ry_QntA

(3) NIGERIA DIED IN 1966: https://youtu.be/Zrqa0OJhsms

(4) NIGERIA AT BREAKING POINT: https://photos.app.goo.gl/usK6ZcdFH2T7HU7E7

(5) SECURE FREEDOM RADIO BROADCAST: Frank Gaffney with Tony Nnadi: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eaJHUUwKM05gqWERh-NAfKAR4JtzyO4p/view?usp=sharing

A chronological review of these 5 video clips and the one audio recording of the Radio Interview spanning the period January 2019 to June 2019 will clearly establish the deliberate egregious falsehood represented by the assertions of the factional IPOB Leader in his Interview in which he claimed that Tony Nnadi’s month long engagements at Capitol Hill, Washington DC had nothing to do with the Lower Niger Self-Determination Campaign. Perhaps, because the LNC Secretary-General did not go to Capitol Hill chanting “Biafra”, “Biafra” and waving the Red, Black Green Flag with Half of a Yellow Sun, the shallow minds of the Proprietors of the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise could not connect the dots between their vaunted, uncharted search for Liberation and the Strategic efforts to Push Back and Permanently Halt the Southward Ethno-Religious Bloody Rampage of the Murderous Fulani Caliphate.

It cannot also be the fault of anyone else if the Proprietors of the Rogue “Biafra” Franchise are so daft as to be unable to grasp the fact that the LNC outreach operations called the Movement for Nigeria (MNN) is the mechanism by which the LNC took down the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution and the Unitary Union it foisted on all even as the LNC focused on the task of building internal cohesion amongst the badly bifurcated fractured constituent component Nationalities of the Lower Niger as well as building the external alliances that are now yielding tangible fruits.

It must be noted that the LNC holds as sacred, the sacrifices of all who paid the ultimate price to seek extrication from the toxic monstrosity and man-eating Nigerian State (including those who fell to the bullets of agents of the Rogue Nigerian State in course of the current resurgent “Biafra” Agitation), and did not hesitate to welcome Genuine and Honest “Biafra” Agitation Elements into the Lower Niger Self-Determination Campaign at the Weeklong Washington Retreat September 1-6, 2017 at which the line was clearly drawn BETWEEN the Genuine “Biafra” Agitation (including the Uchenna Madu-led MASSOB/Biafra Groups Coalition) AND the Rogue Global “Biafra” Agitation.

(See the following links:

(1) FROM KUJE ACCORD TO WASHINGTON CONSENSUS https://www.facebook.com/100001518458887/posts/2326068940787032/


There must be an end to trading in the blood, misery and desperation of the oppressed distressed and entrapped Peoples of the Lower Niger.

Let those who wish to know and work with the truth that truly liberates, open and fully examine every single link posted herein otherwise they would be operating in speculations and conjecture shaped by the deliberate falsehoods of the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise.

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Tony Nnadi, Secretary-General Lower Niger Congress, Attorney and Self-determination Campaigner, wrote from Washington D.C.