Opinion | Marching to an AK47 battle with enemy-controlled PVC: the true definition of folly – LNC

Full text of a press statement released by Lower Niger Congress (LNC) on April 28, 2018.

In the face of Buhari’s every antecedent and affiliation, it is now beyond debate that it was plain stupidity on the part of those who rambunctiously marketed and erected him President via their votes in 2015 to have gone that route, especially for the reasons offered.

The consequences of their folly is now being reckoned in blood, misery, pain and hopelessness.

Let it be recalled two years to the 2015 Electoral rendezvous, the LNC had urged a complete avoidance of this outcome (or something worse if Jonathan won), by the jettisoning of the 2015 Election altogether, so that the damaged and disputed Constitutional Foundations of Nigeria be first addressed since the outcome of that Election was visibly doomed to result in massive bloodshed, whoever won. (If Jonathan had been declared winner, the killings we are seeing now would only have commenced much earlier as threatened by the belligerent Caliphate through it’s anointed Flagbearer Muhammadu Buhari who had in 2012 threatened mayhem if what happened in 2011 repeated in 2015. He had assured the Country that the blood of the Baboon and the Dog will flow in the fight that will follow).

Now, again, despite the glaringly rigged Electoral Infrastructure, and despite the best efforts of the LNC to point the catastrophes ahead, with a prescription that the bridge to the 2019 Election be collapsed inside 2018 by all who reject the Master-Servant 1999 Constitution, we have, like a People under a thick spell, chosen to rush heedlessly to another Election in 2019, with INEC, PVC, Police, Military in the firm, exclusive Fulani grip, under the same rogue, enslaving 1999 Constitution to which the winners of 2019 Election will swear and by which they will Govern.

The bloody outcome of the folly of 2015 is yet to abate.

The consequences of the obduracy of wobbling to another Election in 2019 under the 1999 Constitution will be a lot more disastrous if (God forbid) we were ever to get to the Voting Stage in the *No-Contest* 2019 Electoral Round in which the Caliphate allots the North, 21,000 of 30,000 total of Polling Units with the whole of the South squeezed into 9000 Polling Units.

Those, especially from Eastern Nigeria who for whatever reasons block their ears now to the shouting danger ahead, will return to this discussion amidst multitudes of severed heads and mutilated bodies and broken heads all around them.

It is obvious that many amongst have a fixed but limited imagery of a Jihad as *Sword-Wielding-Men-On-Horsebacks-Charging-into-Rusty-Villages*

I will like to remind such People that this is 2018 and not 1818 and that what unfurls daily before us is a thoroughly rehearsed *Conquest and Colonization* Campaign, championed by a Committed and most ruthless Bigot who happens to be the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed forces of Nigeria who seeks to persuade us all that the killer Fulani Herdsmen were aliens trained, arned and drafted by Muamar Ghadafi.

The rogue Caliphate-led “Federal Government” has choreographed and globally marketed a Narrative of routine *Farmers/Herdsmen Clash*

TY Danjuma rips this balloon of deceit, when he alerted all that what was going on was a well Scripted *Ethnic Cleansing*, yet we are here sleepwalking towards calamity, muttering *”PVC, PVC”* as we saunter towards *AK47s* loaded and pointed at us by a determined enemy.


Tony Nnadi, Secretary General, LNC
April 28, 2018

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