NINAS’s Notes On The Fulani Propaganda Audio

By Tony Nnadi

This propaganda audio is a cheap psychological attack to instill paralyzing fear and drive frenzied action.

At 6mins 22sec in the Audio, there is a footprint of the possible source of the Propaganda.

Focus should be on the Implementation of the clear-cut NINAS comprehensive solution package (as laid out in the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation) already deployed, which by its Alliance Framework, has Isolated the Fulani and also Defeated and Delegitimized the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution which is the source of the powers of the Fulani.

Having successfully Executed a 20-Year Strategic Plan designed to Dismantle the Toxic Union of Death that Nigeria has become for its Trapped Constituent Components, the only major step left to Operationalize the Victory already secured against the Murderous Fulani Invaders by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), is to Shut Down the Voyage to the 2023 General Election by which the Distressed Fulani now desperately seek to reinfuse life into the Dead 1999 Constitution, retain power and continue its Bloodletting and Conquest Onslaught against the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria.

Those who did not understand the Rationale for, and the Reasoning behind the NINAS Five-Point Proposition contained in the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) Proclamation should against the backdrop of this Propaganda Audio, go back and read the CFM Proclamation again, particularly the Five-Point Propositions for Immediate Action.

A Review of the NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series in form of Broadcasts will also provide insights into the nature of the Deadly Battlefield we are currently caught in and the Strategies for Defeating this enemy.

Those Alerts are Practical Battlefield Instructions that could spell Life or Death for Millions of Our People depending of whether they heeded or not.

Those who ignore the Loud Campaign against the 1999 Constitution and who therefore refuse to listen to the urgent need to halt the 2023 Electoral Voyage as the Buzz about PVC rent the air, might just wake up under the rubble of the grand error of building a Democracy on Fraudulent Constitutional Basis with catastrophic consequences in the form of human carnage.

As the PVC Revolution gets on a Head-On with the Obdurate and Desperate Fulani Gameplan to Retain Power beyond 2023 to continue its Conquest Onslaught, the NINAS CFM Proposition for the initiation of IMMEDIATE Transitioning Arrangements in place Elections in 2023, remains the most veritable Mechanism for Resolving the Constitutional Logjam that is bound to Result from that Head-On Collision.

Below are links to some of the aforementioned NINAS Extraordinary Alerts:

(1) “Train Terror Demand: Proof of Government Complicity”

(2) “2023 as Caliphate Strategic Decoy for Caliphate Conquest Onslaught”

(3) “2023 is Enemy Plan-C to Disguise their Plans-A & B”

(4) “Winner of 2023 will Find No Nigeria to Govern”

Visit to NINAS Website http://www.ninasvoice.org and YouTube Channel – NINAS VOICE for more.

NINAS Secretariat
June 13, 2022.

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