Indigenous Coalition Explains Why No Further Elections Will Be Tolerated Under This Constitution

A coalition of indigenous Self-determination groups called the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) which includes the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) has declared that no further national elections will be tolerated under the “imposed, unworkable unitary 1999 constitution,” and that the constitutional basis of Nigeria has to be reworked or the failed union dismantled, forthwith.

This declaration was made in a statement signed by Mr. Tony Nnadi, on behalf of the joint secretariat of the coalition MNN and one of its member groups, the LNC.

According to the statement: “The most urgent problem confronting the Peoples of Nigeria at this time, and which is threatening to consume the Nigerian Union itself, is the Disputed and Unworkable Unitary Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria.

“The Solution to the situation is the immediate wholesale Decommissioning, Jettisoning of the 1999 Constitution and the Fundamental Reconfiguration of the Unitary Nigeria Union, NOT Amendments or Review, as the Legislative Mandate of the National Assembly does not include Constitution-Making. Constitution-Making requires constituent powers vested exclusively in the Constituent Peoples of Nigeria as an incident of their Sovereignty.

“With the Clash of Civilizations in which Democracy & Constitutionalism are being forced to cohabit in the same Political Space with Sharia & Feudalism, Nigeria’s Monumental and Security and Economic Challenges flow directly the aforementioned disputed Constitutional Arrangements which has been totally unable to establish any common-grounds or working relationships between these two mortally opposed Civilizations.

“For the same reasons the bloody disputations thrown up by South Africa’s Apartheid Constitution pre-1990 could not be resolved by Elections, Nigeria’s situation of today cannot be resolved by Elections.

“With blood flowing all over Nigeria on account of the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught by the Murderous Fulani Militia masquerading as “Herdsmen” and with the progressive manifestation of complicity by the Fulani-Controlled Federal Government of Nigeria and it’s Armed Security Forces, in the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria, it is most irresponsible, utterly nauseating and grievously insulting to our Collective Sensibilities for anyone to introduce this idiotic discussion on who will contest the 2023 Presidential Elections amidst the loud, trenchant and even violent demands by the Constituent Component Nationalities of Nigeria (particularly the Indigenous Peoples of South and Middle Belt Territories), for an immediate Fundamental Renegotiation of the damaged Constitutional Basis of Nigeria.

“Let it be recalled that in course of the Circus of the Deposition of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the Emir of Kano, the LNC had warned those who might have some schemes around the 2023 Presidential Election to perish that thought as the no further National Elections will be tolerated under the Rogue 1999 Constitution. The 2023 poster herein is a vindication for that early warning by the LNC.

“Regarding the recent sudden upsurge of support for an Igbo President of Nigeria from all kinds of Strange quarters, the name of “Equity and Justice”, let us also be reminded that the LNC had issued a widely-publicized Statement on the 12th of March, 2020, which read in part:

“Between The Presidency Of Nigeria And An Equitable Constitutional Arrangement: The Igbo Already Made A Choice.

“Let it be made clear here that the forces that got the Monstrous Constitution of Nigeria into a Pinfall and a Chokehold and which also forced the once all-powerful and invincible Caliphate into a Disorderly Retreat, did not embark on that extremely dangerous venture just so that the Presidency of Nigeria could go round and make a stop in the Igbo World.

“The target of the Intervention of those Forces in the deadly back-end of the Nigerian Political War Theatre was and still is, the Pernicious and Toxic Unitary Constitutional Order upon which those Presidential Powers are anchored but which Guarantee Collective Servitude, Misery and Doom of the Igbo as a People, even whilst a few Igbo Individuals might make some money for themselves if the 2023 Presidential gamble-wheel somehow stops at their spot.

“If having pinned the monster to the ground, renegade elements amongst our own brethren who are barely aware of the reason for the sudden sobriety of the dying monster and it’s promoters, jump into the arena to try grab the wooden trophy cum poisoned chalice of the Presidency of Nigeria in a manner that represents trading off the Gold Trophy of Liberation from Bondage for the Igbo Collective, the forces that took down the monster will be brutal in stopping those renegades.

“Let no one feign surprise when the inevitable housecleaning in the Igbo space, begins its sweep.

“While acknowledging the right of all Nigerians including the Igbo to be President of Nigerian, the LNC already thanked all persons and groups from other parts of Nigeria whose sense of equity and justice suddenly came alive, regarding the inequities and iniquities of Nigeria towards the Igbo, but we invite them to join us in directing their new goodwill and remedial intervention to the CAUSE of the Igbo Misery which is the unjust and inequitable Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria, and not to the EFFECT of the Igbo being kept out of the scheme of things Nigeria for decades. If we are sincere, we must now Turn off the Tap Ruining the Igbo space in Nigeria instead of continuing to Mop whilst the Tap is left Running”

“We stand by this statement even as we prepare for the Impending Constitutional Force Majeure by those choking under the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria, and we reiterate that No further National Elections will be tolerated under the Fraudulent, Toxic 1999 Constitution.

“Please, forward all inquiries to the following email address:”