Why We Must Expeditiously Take Down The 1999 Constitution After #COVID19 Lockdown – LNC Sec-Gen

Front line nationalist and Self-determination campaigner, Lower Niger Congress (LNC) Secretary General Tony Nnadi has given a number of reasons why the people should expeditiously take down Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.

Mr Nnadi, in a statement on Friday, April 17, identified the country’s current constitution as the source of the people’s protracted mass miseries and asserts that its termination holds the key to national liberation and greatness.

He said: “As we continue to be inundated with video clips of Nigerians being Killed and Traumatized at Home by their Government and Security Forces and others being Dehumanized and Clobbered to Death Abroad, it has become imperative to brace up and go after the True Source of our Collective Misery, the 1999 Constitution.

“The Covid-19 Lockdown has finally exposed the Criminal Enterprise Operated under the Codename “Nigeria” for what it truly is : the Most Celebrated Haven of Corruption; the Poverty Capital of the World; the Dancehall of Nepotism. In fact, a Defrauded People and Detached Government that is empowered by a Fraudulent Constitution, with neither Infrastructure nor Systems, and Healthcare Facilities that eloquently testify to the low premium placed on human lives by the Operators of Criminal Enterprise.

“Angry Lamentations and a continuous rain of curses from bewildered citizens rent the air but unless the Source of this Mass Misery is Identified and Extinguished, Nigeria will remain the Monster that Feeds on the Blood of its Citizens.

“Happily, Lower Niger Congress LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners have not only Identified the Source of the Mass Misery, a Potent Mechanism has already been Deployed to Extinguish that Source which is the 1999 Constitution.

“The Covid-19 Lockdown Exposition of our True Reality has become the Providential Rousing of a Slumbering People to Self-Extrication from Evil and we must now embrace the Opportunity it Presents.

“All our anger and rage must now be directed at the Enemies of the People, who seized Nigeria from the People, forcing the People into Misery at home and Slavery abroad. Those Enemies of the People, include all those who Swear to Defend and Uphold the Worse-Than-Apartheid 1999 Constitution of Nigeria which simultaneously Guarantees the Mass Impoverishment of the People and the Opulence of the Political Merchants, across Party Lines and Geopolitical Divides and whether they be in the Federal, State or Local Tiers of the Criminal Enterprise.

“The Urgent Task before the traumatized Peoples of Nigeria right now is to Take Down the 1999 Constitution which is the True Source of their Misery.

“The starting point in that Urgent Task is to immediately halt any plans to Conduct Further National Elections under that Toxic 1999 Constitution, (preferably inside the first half of 2020). This will Trigger a Chain of Events that will compel the Ousting of that Obnoxious Constitution and the Emergence of a Renegotiated Basis of Coexistence as well as New Social Contracts that will Restore the Sovereignty of the Peoples, currently hijacked by those who imposed and subscribe to the 1999 Constitution.

“If we fail to do this, the Political Merchants will continue in their happy voyage in growing opulence, reinforcing their grip every four years in the name of Elections and Democracy, while the People will continue to sink deeper into their Misery and Poverty, being Killed in their ancestral Homelands by Fulani Marauders, or dying in their trek across the Arabian Desert and rickety Boat-rides across Mediterranean Sea, or being Dehumanized or clobbered to Death in China and elsewhere as they flee from the oppression at home.”

Mr Nnadi advised members of the general public who wish to know more to contact him through his mobile number: +234-810-056-9448 and email: info@lowernigercongress.org.