Video | The Distressed Federation Of Nigeria: Options Before The Entrapped Peoples

As a prelude to the Processes designed to culminate in the triggering of Domino 1&2, the Video in the above link, marks the beginning of LNC’s decisive engagement with the true fountain of Eastern Nigeria’s misery, *Britain and their Caliphate Agents*

A Sequenced Series targeting the Medium/Top Echelons will follow in the coming weeks, both Audiovisuals, Graphics and Text, with designs to simplify and drive same down the Populace as well as carefully measured physical steps that will in the first instance be fitted into the general milieu of the ongoing Countrywide discourse within the *Narrative* of the *Fundamental Reconfiguration of the failed Federation of Nigeria*.

This *Narrative* is radically different from the isolationist *Biafra Secession Narrative* of the various Biafra Groups.