Slaves have no rights whatsoever: ‘1999 Constitution’ is a master-slave imposition

By Tony Nnadi

Slaves have no Rights whatsoever including the right to life or property, how much less such esoteric rights as freedom of speech, of movement, from discrimination and the like.

The Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution, just like the Boer-Imposed Apartheid Constitution of the Apartheid-era South Africa, is a Master-Slave Ordinance.

All those who, waving one Political Party Colours or the other, go swearing to defend and uphold that 1999 Constitution, or seeking to contest Elections under it, are the greatest enemies of the much tormented and entrapped Peoples of Nigeria. They are rogues.

The Lawyers in Nigeria who parade and pride themselves as “Human Rights Lawyers” but who clutch the same 1999 Constitution as basis of Nigeria are criminals, feeding fat on the ignorance of the People.

The solution to the situation we are in, lies exactly in what Oliver Thambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Madizikela-Mandela did with the Apartheid Constitution : overturn and dismantle it. Anything else anyone tells you, is anchored on falsehood or dishonesty.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and Movement for New Nigeria (MNN)