Opinion | Re: The Truth We Must All Swallow

By Tony Nnadi

This is a totally misinformed view. There is a new Majority in Nigeria made of the South and Middle Belt seeking an end to the Master-Servant Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness and which isolate the the murderous minority Sharia Caliphate which forcefully foisted and operate the current Unitary Nigeria under the Rogue 1999 Constitution.

The Union of Nigeria is now Disputed and it is clear that the author of this piece does not yet realize that the ranks of those being vaguely described as “Separatists” here are has so much expanded that they are have become a Majority.

It would appear also that the author is still under the utter misapprehension that only those rambunctiously waving Biafra Flags whom he described as “Separatists” are dissatisfied with the Master-Servant Union of Nigeria and now insist on an end to their servitude and bondage.

For the purpose of determining who will carry the day between the obdurate One-Nigerianists and the so-called “Separatists”, it should now be noted that the entirety of those vociferously repudiating and rejecting the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution whilst trenchantly demanding a RESTRUCTURING of the failed Nigerian Union are in the wider circle of the “Separatists” Camp except the author does not reckon what it means to repudiate and reject the Constitution by which the Union of Nigeria is Convened.

The LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners are at the heart of this fray and I am therefore very much in a Position to tell us that the CENTRIFUGAL FORCES (those who want an immediate end to the Toxic Unitarist Union (Code-Named “Nigeria” by its operators) are now an unassailable Majority set to overwhelm and oust the struggling and miserable CENTRIPETAL FORCES struggling to keep Nigeria One by force and brigandage.

Anyone in doubt should google and read the 2013 Report of the US Army War College titled “NIGERIAN UNITY : IN THE BALANCE” which fully dissected the subsurface issues driving the vexed debate on the future of Nigeria, against the background of the yawning fault-lines that has practically extirpated the possibility of keeping Nigeria as One-Political Union BY FORCE.

Page 50 of that Report had expressly asked Washington to prepare itself to receive the Independent Units of Successor-States already emerging from what now seems an inevitable splintering of Nigeria (on account of an IRRECONCILABLE CLASH OF CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS).

I can also report that from what transpired in Washington DC during and and in the aftermath of the June/July 2019 in the IRF Ministerial Roundtables (where it fell one me to lead the LNC/MNN Presentations at the Congress and State Department, the Global Community is already bracing up itself up for the Inevitable Unraveling of Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi, an Attorney and the Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC), wrote this as a rejoinder to Russell Bluejack’s Op-Ed, The Truth We Must Swallow.