Opinion | The Truth We Must Swallow

By Russell Bluejack

Nigeria belongs to Britain. No nation can break Nigeria without the permission of Britain’s. That is the hard truth. It is also very true that no black nation can outsmart Britain in international diplomacy. Britain may not be rich and productive, but they are invincible when it comes to the politics of nations.

No group can break Nigeria. No amount of social media work can break Nigeria. Nigeria has the resources that nations all over the world need. In any contest between Nigeria and separatists Nigeria will always win because she is in a good stead to forge international alliance.

The oppressed in the scheme of things in Nigeria can, at best, work together and demand for restructuring. What the oppressed need is some leverage from oppression, not total dissolution. Let the oppressed start the freedom process by first working together and speaking with one voice. The first sign of freedom for the oppressed is SOLIDARITY. I know that some of us want a new nation, but such nation will come with its own oppression, if we don’t learn to respect one another. It was the same perceived oppression in the Old Eastern Region that made Major Jasper Adaka Boro, the Ijaw warlord, pick up arms against the State. His anger was that the Eastern Region Government was working with the Federal Government to oppress minority groups. So, you can see that some tribes within the region still feel oppressed by others.

If the oppressed cannot start doing little things to better the lot of their region, then they cannot achieve anything even after having been freed. The precursor to eventual freedom is self-driven economic growth/development. If a people cry for freedom in a disorganised state, then they should expect a similar social, political, and economic situation when it eventually comes. But the truth is, no disorganised people can break free.

The Aburi Accord itself was an non implemented restructuring. The war veterans in the Eastern Region declared their freedom from Nigeria out of exasperation, but were not prepared ammunition-wise to defend it. That was an administration of the wrong medicine for an ailment. The declaration exacerbated the economic and political situation. We can come together and make one demand. We can revisit the Aburi Accord, modify some of the requirements and demand for a more realistic RESTRUCTURING. No one will break Nigeria; but everyone can work with us to get Nigeria working again. Britain stands to lose nothing from a restructured Nigeria. Britain will still derive benefit from the contributions the confederates make to the State.

As long as the agitation to better the lot of the South-South and South-East is left in the hands of discordant groups, rest assured that we will never leave GOLGOTHA. What we need is a Regional Summit where decisions will be reached. We need to sit and discuss our past and future. We have wronged one another. We need to forgive one another and reinforce our oneness. We need to stop telling offensive stories about the history of tribes in our region. It is time to respect one another and work together. No tribe is under another until they agree.

Russell Blueback is a political thinker, strategist, social organizer and commentator.


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