Opinion | Garba Shehu, The Rogue Biafra Franchise And The Futility Of Obfuscation And Subterfuge

By Tony Nnadi

As the LNC Team battled the Principalities and Powers on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in Washington DC between June and July 2019 during the International Religious Freedom Ministerial Roundtables of 2019, Dismantling the many False Narratives (including Farmers/Herders Clashes) by which the Caliphate Proprietors of Nigeria camouflaged the Ethno-Religious Killings as well as the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria, especially in the Middle Belt and the Southern Territories of Nigeria, the Chief-Merchant of the Rogue Global “Biafra” Franchise was busy denigrating and ridiculing the painstaking efforts of the LNC that engaged the Policy Beltways of Washington on the Subject of Gross Infractions on Religious Freedom in Nigeria involving massive killings and dislocations of Christians by Jihadists and Fulani Ethnic Supremacists which seemed to have official backing. (See video below)

As the False Narratives of Nigeria were being Dismantled and the Clear Picture of the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught of the Fulani against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria began to emerge, Abuja dispatched Nigeria’s Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to Washington on the dubious mission of coming to lie to Washington that the Reports about Killing of Christians in Nigeria were grossly exaggerated and that there was no Agenda against Nigerian Christians.

Knowing what it already knew, Washington rejected the denial of the Abuja’s emissary, and expressed surprise that a Christian, Pastor and Professor of Law whose Yoruba Kith and Kin were also being Murdered and Tormented by the Invading Heavily-Armed Fulani Militia, would actually Board the Plane on such an errand for a Government that was being widely cited as being in open collusion with the Invaders. Osinbajo was described as a Shameless Liar by one of the Key Figures in Washington who was directly involved in the probe of the Degenerating Nigerian Situation.

The persuasion of Washington on the true situation in Nigeria is reflected by it’s Decisive Policy Actions on Nigeria following the June/July 2019 IRF Ministerial Roundtables, especially the December 2019 Placement of Nigeria on the U.S. Special Watch-List for Gross Infractions, as well as the August/September 2019 U.S.-Inspired Visitation and Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Nigeria which Probed Widespread Extra-Judicial Killings In Nigeria and returned the Damning Verdict that Nigeria’s Constitutional Arrangements was like a Pressure-Cooker for Injustice and that the Nigerian situation now poses a grave danger to the Global Community unless addressed immediately.

From the Amber-Zone U.S. Special Watch Listing of Nigeria, the subsequent degeneration of Nigeria into the Status of Country-of-Particular-Concern (CPC) Red-Zone U.S. Categorization and the June 2, 2020 Signing by President Donald Trump, of the Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom, are Clear indications that the U.S. is already acting on the Truth it already found out about the Nigerian Situation.

It was therefore a matter of global self-ridicule for Mr Garba Shehu and his Principals in Abuja, to issue the widely circulated Statement on behalf of the Presidency of Nigeria in which the Federal Government Nigeria was spinning the totally unintelligent False tale to the International Community about how some ‘Jewish’ “Biafra” Franchise elements were Lobbying the U.S. to see Nigeria in bad light regarding the killing of Christians.

Perhaps Garba Shehu was hoping that Crediting the Allegation of the Killing of Christians in Nigeria to the notorious Falsehood and Propaganda Machinery of the “Biafra” Franchise Merchant will automatically convince the International Community, (especially the United States), that the Allegations of Killings of Christians in Nigeria are Lies. Too late for that spin. The Truth of what is going on in Nigeria is already well-known to the U.S. Government and the UN and Response Policy Actions have already been Initiated by the U.S. and the UN.

Garba Shehu and his Principals will do well to find out the meaning and implications of Nigeria being listed as a Country-Of-Particular-Concern on a Matter that the President of the United States described as a National Security Imperative for the U.S. and as a Priority on the U.S. Foreign Policy in the June 2, 2020 Executive Order anchored on the Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act.

  • Tony Nnadi is an Attorney and the Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress, LNC.

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