Opinion | Ethnic cleansing cloaked as farmers/herdsmen clashes: rogue narrative to cover a heinous crime

This is the full text of a press statement issued on behalf of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) by its Secretary General, Tony Nnadi, on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

In this Op-Ed, LNC attempted successfully to show that what the establishment media and politicians refer repeatedly to as farmers/herdsmen clashes is actually ethnic cleansing commissioned by the Fulani aristocratic establishment.

We hope you enjoy this illuminating opinion piece.

The Caliphate-Forces behind mass killings across Nigeria, has consistently hoisted and reinforced the false Narrative of “Routine Farmers/Herdsmen Clash”, home and abroad.

The shallow and conniving mainstream Media in Nigeria, carry forth this Narrative, in service of the powers that be, perhaps under the grand illusion that no one will notice.

Those whose Communities and Farmlands are MUSLIMS-KILLING-CHRISTIANS bloodletting monsters marauding as “Fulani Herdsmen”; who on a daily basis, have to gather l up large numbers severed heads and mutilated bodies blood relations for mass burial and who witness the sweeping, military-style invasions and the attacks; who in horror, watch Uniformed Operatives of the Nigerian Military, Police and other Security Agencies stand aloof or actively aid the invading marauders, have summarized what they are seeing as ETHNIC CLEANSING, through the mouth of Lt-Gen Theophilus Danjuma, a former Chief of Army Staff who should know.

Gen Danjuma also expressly confirmed the Collusion of the Armed Forces of Nigeria with the invaders, who receive cover and facilitation from the Armed Forces of Nigeria. These are very weighty charges.

Then we have yet a third Narrative of MUSLIMS KILLING CHRISTIANS which seems to me an obvious attempt to deliberately obfuscate the clear, undisguised Fulani-led ETHNIC CLEANSING against the rest of Nigeria.

For whatever motive, this diversionary MUSLIMS-KILLING-CHRISTIANS dummy of a Narrative, seems to have been bought by the United States Administration, going by the outcome of the April 30, 2018 Visit to Trump’s White House by the Fulani Herdsman-In-Chief, Muhammadu Buhari who also doubles as the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

For the untrained eye, whether it is “ROUTINE FARMERS/HERDSMEN CLASHES”, as being tauted by the “Federal Government of Nigeria” and it’s demon-possessed Spokesmen/Women, OR the MUSLIMS-KILLING-CHRISTIANS fairytale, OR the self-evident ETHNIC CLEANSING reality, all they ask is that the killings abate, but the danger with this naïve understanding of what we are really up against is that each of these three Narratives has a totally different outcome in terms of the Remediation Options they present.

Be it known to all that the criminals selling the FARMERS/HERDSMEN bogey, merely seek to reduce the entire discourse to a Question of Law and Order requiring only the reinforcement of Enforcement Mechanisms which the Police, aided by the Military can do. We all know that this is a deliberate lie intended to deflect attention from the cold Genocide being unleashed by the Fulani Caliphate against the Indigenous Populations of Nigeria, who are being slaughtered and dislodged from their ancestral Homelands.

The narrow MUSLIMS-KILLING-CHRISTIANS Narrative is being thrown up by those whose motives are far from any desire to solve the ETHNIC CLEANSING problem starring the World in the face because the Viable, sustainable Solution will of necessity, revisit and alter the Map of Nigeria as we have known it since 1914, along the lines of the 4-Bloc MNN Map below reminiscent of Orkar’s Prescription of April 22, 1990.

The truth which the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria as well as the more honest segment of the Global Community must wake up to and act upon with all sense of urgency is that the Indigenous Populations of the Territory called “Nigeria” are currently under the siege of the Fulani Caliphate’s ETHNIC CLEANSING Campaign sweeping towards the Atlantic Ocean, with catastrophic consequences for the Global Community that will soon wake up to the reality of a Terrorist Islamic Caliphate holding the entire Sovereign Space currently known as “Nigeria”.

Those who do not want this outcome must now join in the urgent task of shutting down the pretence that there is a Democratic Federation called “Nigeria”. The first action required towards this is to help halt and truncate inside 2018, the preparations for the 2019 renewal and reinforcement of Caliphate Nigeria by way of Elections under the Caliphate-Imposed Master-Servant 1999 Constitution. We must end this Union of Death and Attrition made impossible by an irreconcilable Clash of Civilizations.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC)