Opinion | Coalition of Northern Groups volte-face: Surrendering to avoid defeat

By Tony Nnadi

“When a pack of lions begin to champion the cause of freedom for antelopes, the wise must be wary.”

The so-called Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has been vigorously championing a Let’s-Get-Rid-Of-The-Igbo campaign since the infamous 2017 Igbo Quit Notice from the North.

In their warped calculus, they imagined that the Caliphate-led Alliance of 1967 which isolated and surrounded the Igbo 360 Degrees (Dot-In-Circle reality) was still very much intact and so they they began to chant about the urgent need for a Referendum for the Igbo to vote and leave Nigeria.

Buhari had in a 2017 Interview on Aljazeera TV reechoed the same demented sentiment about how the Igbo will have to organize to themselves and go to a Referendum to form a Country within a Country, following up with his 2021 Dot-In-Circle mocking of the East on Arise TV.

With the surprise onslaught of the NINAS Alliance against the 1999 Constitution and the torpedoing of the 1967 Caliphate-led Alliance, the Caliphate (through their CNG wards) now realize that they are isolated by the rest of Nigeria (NINAS Alliance) which has also Defeated the Caliphate’s Title Deed over Nigeria – the 1999 Constitution at a time the Pro-Caliphate Manipulations of Britain in Nigeria finds itself on a head-on collision with Strategic National Security Interests of the US especially with the glaring evidence of complicity against the Caliphate-Controlled Federal of Nigeria in the rapid Convergence of the Global Terror Networks, ISIS and Al-Quaeda in a Nigeria that hosts Boko Haram/ISWAP and Fulani Herdsmen promoted by Miyetti Allah.

Sensing that the CONQUEST Mission of the Caliphate against the Indigenous rest of Nigeria is now in utter jeopardy, and to avoid the impending disastrous defeat, the Caliphate is now beating a disorderly retreat and and struggling to weave its way fast towards embracing the safe-landing (surrender) graciously offered them by the NINAS December 16, 2020 NINAS CFM Proclamation. No one is deceived by this sudden U-Turn akin to a Pack of Lions Championing the Cause of the Freedom of Antelopes.

Baring the Igbo-Presidency hogwash by one Alex Ogbonnia towards the end of the video, what we want viewers to take away from the postulations of the CNG Spokesman is the volte-face by the Caliphate (attack dogs), from their erstwhile haughty disposition and so, a dismounting from their high-horse and impervious obduracy towards the reality of being upstaged and isolated by the rest of Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi is an Attorney and a Co-convener of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS).