Opinion | Between Nigerian Presidency And Equitable Constitutional Arrangement: The Igbo Already Made A Choice

Tony Nnadi calls Igbo Presidency a poisoned chalice.

Let it be made clear here that the forces that got the Monstrous Constitution of Nigeria in a Pinfall and a Chokehold and which also forced the once all-powerful and invincible Caliphate in Disorderly Retreat, did not embark on that extremely dangerous venture just so that the Presidency of Nigeria could go round and make a stop in the Igbo World.

The target of the Intervention of those Forces in the deadly back-end of the Nigerian Political War Theatre was and still is the Pernicious and Toxic Unitary Constitutional Order upon which those Presidential Powers are anchored but which Guarantee Collective Servitude, Misery and Doom of the Igbo as a People, even whilst a few Igbo Individuals might make some money for themselves if the Presidential gamble-wheel stop at their spot.

If having pinned the monster to the ground, renegade elements amongst our own brethren who are barely aware of the reason for the sudden sobriety of the dying monster and it’s promoters, jump into the arena to try grab the wooden trophy cum poisoned chalice of the Presidency of Nigeria in a manner that represents trading off the Gold Trophy of Liberation from Bondage for the Igbo Collective, the forces that took down the monster will be brutal in stopping those renegades.

Let no one feign surprise when the inevitable housecleaning in the Igbo space, begins its sweep.

We already thanked all from other parts of Nigeria whose sense of equity and justice suddenly came alive regarding the inequities and iniquities of Nigeria towards the Igbo but we invite them to join us in directing their remedial intervention to the CAUSE of the Igbo Misery which is the unjust and inequitable Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria and not the EFFECT of the Igbo being kept out of the scheme of things.

We must now turn off the tap ruining the Igbo space instead of continuing to mop whilst the tap is left running.

All energies must now be focused on the impending Constitutional Force Majeure that will halt the vicious monster the Igbo has been up against since 1966.

  • Tony Nnadi ESQ, the Secretary General of both the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) and Lower Niger Congress (LNC), writes from Lagos, Nigeria.