LNC Calling: Join The Countdown Task To Shutting Down The 1999 Fraud

This 2017 interview of the LNC Deputy Director of Communications, Mark Olise (erstwhile Scribe of the NDPVF later, Convener of the NDPSF) on AIT, is a dissection of the Sovereignty Disputations currently rocking the foundations of Nigeria, and which is rapidly degenerating to the unceremonious and disorderly disintegration of the defunct Federation of Nigeria.

This interview illuminates the Restructuring Debate from the Self-Determination perspective, the imperative of Referendums in the 2-Stage Process as dictated by the Sovereign Rights of the Peoples and sheds some light on why the Mandate of the National Assembly does not include the Sovereign Powers to make of or remake the grund norm (Constitution) upon which the Union of Nigeria can be built, going on to posit that it amounts to criminality for the National Assembly to maintain the continuing usurpation of the Sovereignties hijacked since 1967.

Mark points at the South African 1990-1994 Transitioning from Apartheid under President Frederick De Klerk as the Paradigm that can guide the orderly settlement of the currently disputed One-Nigeria. He points out what should be the Role of the United Nations Security Council in managing the fallouts from the many expanses of ungoverned spaced springing up around the failed state Nigeria has long become.

The LNC requests all those who wish to understand or play any meaningful role in the raging debates about the future of Nigeria and it’s entrapped Constituent Components, you carefully review and widely disseminate this presentation and be along with another, titled “NIGERIA AT THE VALLEY OF DECISION”, particularly those who wish to extricate their Territory from the toxic, failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914, called “Nigeria” including the “Biafra Restoration” Agitation Groups.

Those from the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, who in the face of these grave disputations are still warming up for further National Elections in 2019 under the fraudulent, obnoxious Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution, instead of joining the urgent task of halting the further operation of that Constitution as the basis of Nigeria, should realize that they will be counted on the side of the enemy when the rickety Unitarist Nigeria snaps as it is bound to.

To avoid anarchy, it is pertinent to note that the De Klerk Option Proposed by the LNC, retains all the Existing Governance Structures in a Transitional Capacity throughout the Transition to a new Order. The Quid Pro Quo for this magnanimous accommodation being extended to all who already sinned by swearing to uphold and defend the rogue 1999 Constitution, for the guilty to join those who already repudiated the 1999 Constitution, in halting the preparations towards the 1999 Electoral round, inside 2018. To do otherwise is tantamount to standing with the enemy.

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Tony Nnadi
July 8, 2018.