Analysis | “How Islamists Will End Nigeria,” writes Basil Okoh

By Ndidi Uwechue

I was not surprised when I read the Facebook article by Basil Okoh titled, “How Islamists Will End Nigeria” posted on 26 August 2021, because the threatening signs are there for us to see. What he wrote is precisely Nigeria’s future. I am addressing mainly the Ethnic Nations of the Lower Niger Bloc, that is, the South-South and South-East. Our Bloc is known as the Christian Bloc of the land called “Nigeria”, and it is the richest part, thus the greatest prize for Islamist invaders. We do have a Safety Route to escape the horror that awaits our young people and children, if we love them enough to take it.

People! We are the OWNERS of the land! We are the OWNERS of the land! So we can act like the Owners, and not like Gypsies forced to wander around the earth looking for opportunities and jobs abroad because we allowed others to take over our lands and our resources.

SELF-DETERMINATION IS THE TOOL that gives us the power to repel the Caliphate Agenda of Islamization and land grab via genocide. We have been told several times that the word “Biafra” DOES NOT MEET the United Nations requirements for obtaining Self-Determination. So clinging to that word, is DANGEROUS. It is futility and failure: so it helps the Caliphate Agenda of conquest over us. Our true Safety Route is available and has been 21 years in the making. Thus, it is a Safety Route that is solid and dependable, that has international and United Nations backing. It is the NINAS Movement (an Alliance with Oodua and Middle Belt) and the Self-Determination organisation for our Bloc is the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). The LNC Strategy for Self-Determination has been successful and we are nearing the end of the journey to Self-Determination: We are at combined Stage 14 and 15 out of 16 Stages.

Remember Lot’s wife! Remember what happens to those who linger. Here is Basil Okoh’s Facebook article, clearly describing what we are facing, and what YOU will bring upon your children if you linger any longer when the NINAS Movement is here for the rescue of your family, and your community:-

Basil Okoh: “Nigerians are counting with hopeful optimism, the days to the end of Buhari’s tenure at Aso Villa in 2023, believing that come that year and the day May 29 2023, Buhari will hand the Presidency over to another, who everybody hopes will be a more humane manager to run the affairs of Nigeria. The new leader we all hope, will lead us away from the precipice that presently threatens Nigeria.

The Bola Tinubu Yoruba caucus of the APC are, against the evident signs to the contrary, believing that Buhari will find the usual way to win the presidential election for Bola Tinubu and hand over to that aged and sick man, to continue the unhinged roller coaster called Nigeria from where Buhari stops.

The bad news is that there will be no Nigeria to hand over to anyone in 2023, not to Tinubu or to Peter Obi or Atiku Abubakar. In truth, there will be no Nigeria to hand over to even the military as we presently know it.

Matters of the despoliation of the polity and infusion of Islamism into the governance of Nigeria will bring an end to Nigeria and there will be no country to bequeath to anyone.

The operators of Government, including the top civil servants know that Nigeria stops for everyone in 2023. What follows thereafter will not be Nigeria but a theocratic Islamic State. So for those who are in the know, there is an ongoing rush to steal enough before the final goodbye. The theft of public resources in the face of a looming Islamism, has become a ruling mantra at the Federal level.

From the beginning, Buhari had his mission in the presidency well pondered and cut out. That mission was simply to activate a national Islamic Jihad. The jihad was to start by harnessing the benefits derived from the diabolic achievements of Boko Haram and build on it with other forces of mayhem to achieve the dream of the Islamic State.

Muslim fundamentalism was to be used as a pretext and dragnet to foist Fulani overlordship over Nigeria. But this was not going to be easy to achieve because Boko Haram was a Kanuri variant of Muslim fundamentalism, idealistic and pure in Islam even as it is wicked and brutal. The Fulani terror groups sponsored by Buhari and his Islamic State advocates on the other hand, are bounty hunters and highwaymen, bereft of any Islamic idealism or puritanism.

Historically, Fulani adventurism has always stopped at the entry points to Kanuri land. Fulani jihad stopped before the gates to Kanem Borno, the Kingdom of Idris Alooma. Kanuri do not brook domination of any kind whether Islamic or cultural. Having survived for centuries as neighbors to the hardy Tuaregs and Shuwa Arabs, Kanuri are as tough and brutal as every other hungry group in the parched lands of the Sahel-Sahara.

So at the beginning, the Islamists at the presidency had a problem achieving the mission of planting an Islamic state in Nigeria using Boko Haram as the starting organization. It was difficult to foist Fulani leadership on the Kanuri led Boko Haram and unite both groups with the Muslim coalition in the armed forces to fight under one expanded Jihadi umbrella for the common purpose of Islamizing Nigeria.

So they engineered a splintering of Boko Haram into many terror groups like ISWAP and Ansaru. They then started the defunding of Boko Haram and providing weapons and funds to ISWAP.

It was all to pile pressure on Boko Haram to accept Fulani leadership. the Fulani traditional establishment would not accept a Kanuri led Islamic Jihad as spearhead to subdue Nigeria. The Islamists on the Government side were all the time negotiating with Abubakar Shekau to stand down and allow Fulani leadership to lead the national jihad to the final conquest of Nigeria.

Shekau’s unshaken rejection of the deal eventually led to the conspiracy to remove and kill him. The implantation of sleeping terror cells across Nigeria have intensified since his death. These cells and the personnel are paid salaries by the Federal Government in the name of rehabilitation of ex-terrorists as attested to by an agency of the United Nations.

It must be understood that while the Boko Haram group was purely Islamic in the mold of the Mujahedeen, the Buhari Fulani group are purely economic and political carpetbaggers. The Fulani terror groups know that they are being used to achieve political purposes and are thus determined to make the most of it in money and terror.

Boko Haram fights for belief and ideology. Fulani terrorists kill and burn for profit. This is why Buhari has been unable to unite the two groups. Their organizational objectives are in fundamental conflict and opposed to the other.

Nigeria has the misfortune of fighting two mendacious groups at the same time, with Governments own men of the fifth column supplying arms and logistic support to both.

Just before the end of the first quarter in 2023, the Nigeria army will be ordered to undertake a final frontal push against the terrorist groups but this will be resisted by the Muslim faction of the armed forces as they unite with all the terror groups to present a common fighting front against a kaffir Nigerian army.

A skirmish will ensue between the Muslim coalition and the broad non-Muslim elements in the armed forces. Before that happens, the majority of non-Muslim officers will be decapitated one way or another and removed from the fight just as it happened with the Igbo in July 1966.

Many Christian officers will fall. This will happen because as it happened before on the July 29 1967 counter coup, when 73 Igbo officers were killed in a planned progrom by Northern soldiers, the Muslim coalition already has a precedence and a plan with strong communication channels and Government support while the Southern and Middle Belt officers do not. Southern and Middle Belt soldiers believe in the false idealism of one Nigeria.

As it is, Buhari will never vacate presidential power for any non-Muslim, leaving the mission of Islamizing the armed forces and conquering Nigeria uncompleted. It was for this he came, he will never leave his mission uncompleted.

In the midst of the coming skirmish, the Muslim faction of the armed forces will fuse with the terrorist groups of the northeast and the Fulani bandits of the northwest to form an Islamic Army with all the armory, warplanes and all other accoutrements of warfare located in their territory. They will declare Nigeria an Islamic Country and one from among themselves as Emir of a new Islamic nation.

Buhari has allowed electioneering to go on because the programmed failure of the 2023 presidential elections has also been factored into the planned seizure of power by these Muslim forces.

Both major parties’ political machinery have been stymied and in court. PDP and APC have been stonewalled in court with no likelihood of settlement before presidential primaries.

Conveniently, it won’t be Buhari’s fault if they cannot nominate candidates for the 2023 presidential elections. Which makes takeover of Government by a Muslim officer quite convenient too. The five fingers of a leprous hand by Sanni Abacha will be a small show.

Goodbye Nigeria?


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Ndidi Uwechue is a contributing writer to the Atlantic Post.

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