Opinion | The Scaremongering Gambit Of The Obdurate Caliphate Buffoon Mohammed Kabeer Musa

By Tony Nnadi

In the midst of the Burning House of Lugard, and as the Daughters of the Southern Lady of Means continue to file their Divorce Proceedings against the Mass Wedding of 1914, one demented dumbhead called Mohammed Kabeer Musa jumps into the arena in a miserable Scaremongering Gambit as he reminds all those from the South and Middle Belt who now reject the Overlordship of the Sokoto Caliphate.

He Interpreted the Inevitable Self-Preservation Actions and Campaigns of Organizations including AFENIFERE, OHANAEZE, MIDDLE-BELT FORUM, CAN, OPC, and certain Individuals in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria as being tantamount to Beating the Drums of War against the Sokoto Caliphate.

In a thinly-veiled reference to the 1967-1970 Biafra Genocide and the Starvation to Death of over 2 million Biafran Children from the Severe Hunger-Induced Malnutrition Syndrome known as Kwashiorkor, and in an idiotic attempt at Scaremongering, Mohammed Kabeer Musa went on to remind these Southern and Middle-Belt Organizations and Individuals of the severe hunger-and-deprivations consequences that would be visited upon them when the Scions of the Sokoto Caliphate decide to levy War against the South and Middle-Belt, to reassert Sokoto Caliphate’s Overlordship in Nigeria.

It is obvious that the Mohammed Kabeer Musa does not realize that the Battlefield Landscape of Nigeria and indeed the World has changed very radically from what it was in 1967 when the Sokoto Caliphate could rally the rest of Nigeria (ie Middle-Belt, Western Nigeria and a Substantial segment of the Niger-Delta) into an Alliance that came against Eastern Nigeria (ie Biafra), with the active support of Britain and other World Powers of the time, including the Soviet Union. This British-led invasion Force operating in the name of “One-Nigeria”, emplaced and enforced a total Air, Land and Sea Blockade against Biafra, and ensured a huge supply of heavy weapons paid for with the Forcefully Seized Oil and Gas Assets of Eastern Nigeria. That British-Led Force also provided a massive Diplomatic support to Nigeria and it’s ‘Federal Forces’ as Genocide was being Unleashed on Eastern Nigeria.

Today, the MNN Alliance of the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria has Dismantled, Decapitated and Replaced the 1967 Caliphate-Led Alliance that came against the East, in the Irreversible Push to Free themselves from the Bondage of Caliphate Nigeria .

In the International Circuit, on the one hand, the Britain that was the Backbone of the Sokoto Caliphate in 1967, is today struggling in the throes of its own demise, unable to put even One Carrier to Sea, and so cannot come to the aid of its embattled Sokoto Caliphate ward in Nigeria. On the other hand, there is a Convergence between the National Security Interests of the United States and the just Self-Preservation Pursuits of the Peoples of Southern and Middle-Belt Nigeria against the ISIS/ISWAP-Assisted Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught of the Sokoto Caliphate upon the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria,

Let it be known to Mohammed Kabeer Musa and the rest of the arrogant political scions of Uthman Dan Fodio, who owe it a duty of faith to kill all others whom they call ‘Infidels’ and who believe that all men are not born equal, that when Nigeria snaps, as it is being pushed to, by the obduracy of the Sokoto Caliphate, the Frontline in the Battlefield will be between the Feudal Sharia North and the Alliance Territory as shown in the MNN Alliance Map below.

The horrendous Clash of Civilizations represented by the British Mischief of 1914 will finally find expression and an Opportunity of Resolution on the two sides of that Battlefield Depicted in the MNN Alliance Map, where the overwhelming majority which Holds Human Life Sacrosanct and which Believes that All Men Are Born Equal, will be pitched against the miserable minority that owe it a duty of faith to kill all else and believe that all men are not born equal and therefore they are born to rule over all others in Perpetuity.

There must be an end to Apartheid Nigeria.

  • Tony Nnadi is the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) Secretary General.