The fake MLK award presented to President Buhari: how Abike Dabiri scammed the President

By Ross Alabo George

It has become a fact the president is really never aware of the things – good, bad and ugly – that happen around him.

An award arranged by the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora and a certain Ghana-based African-American, Erika Faye Bennet, who was introduced as Ambassador Erika Bennet in Abuja during the event. Ms. Bennet founded and runs an NGO called the Diaspora African Forum [DAF], where she has given herself the designation Ambassador-at-Large.

With funding from the Presidency through Hon. Abike Dabiri, Erika Bennet planned an award for the president but masked the award as the Black History Month Award for Excellence in Leadership. Erika Bennet contacted her friend Barbara King who is not a member of Martin Luther King’s immediate family, to pose as ”matriarch” of the MLK family. In fact to further embellish the lie, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie, the President’s Personal Assistant on new media described Mrs. Barbara King as the ”wife of Martin Luther King Jr.”.

In a phone conversation with the author, The King Centre and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference have all distanced themselves from the Award.

So, I can reliably submit that the First Black History Month National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award 2018 presented to our ”dear” president is a big fraud.

Ross Alabo-George, a software engineer and political commentator also shared this on his Facebook wall. See post below.

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