That Place Called Heaven – Poem by Robinson T. Sibe

Robinson T. Sibe in Washington

Software Engineer & Poet, Robinson Tombari Sibe in Washington D.C.

That place called heaven
We are told its a safe haven
The preferred destination for the soul
No one has ever returned from a trip there
Yet we jostle for reservations for an unknown bliss
When we check out of this space and plane
And death generously buys you a one-way ticket

That place called heaven
What are the coordinates of heaven?
Where is the map of heaven?
Where is heaven?
Is it above or beneath the earth?
Should I perforate the milky ways or trot the galaxies?
My soul needs a heavenly GPS

That place called heaven
Is it a country or is it a state?
What is her foreign policy thrust?
What are the visa criteria?
Where is her embassy on earth?
Many religious figures claim to be her ambassador
But how can they possibly be
when they’ve never being to heaven?

That place called heaven
Where good souls dwell ad infinitum
And exist in blissful perpetuity
We hear some are issued a transit visa via purgatory
Where sins are purged and expiated
And all moral contraband destroyed
Before you face the immigration officer in heaven

That place called heaven
However it is, you must strive not to miss it
Lest you end up with a permanent residency in hell
Where souls are damned ad infinitum
With no chance for deportation
My soul, please listen attentively
By all means possible, you must make it to that place called heaven

(C) 2014

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