Shell has read the handwriting on the wall showing the future of One-Nigeria: Britain and their caliphate agent must now look at the wall

The video above shows a recent Press Conference by Shell at The Hague, where Shell owned up to the decades of heavy wrongdoing in its Nigerian Operations, apologizing for same and committing itself to a U-Turn in its Methods which had gravely damaged the Environment and grievously injured the Peoples of the Territory of it’s Operations in the Niger Delta.

There is no doubt that Shell has seen the Bold Handwriting on the Wall showing where things are headed next in Nigeria, and so is trying to rouse itself to remediation actions.

For an indication of what that Handwriting on the Wall is, the 4-Bloc Map of Nigeria below, renders useless any Documents of Concession signed anyone from the Green Bloc on that Map for any Foreigner (including Shell), to Operate in the Brown Bloc.

It is that simple; and with the complete delegitimization of the so-called “Constitution of Nigeria” and the synchronized enforcement steps already being taken by the entrapped Constituent Component towards dismantling the toxic Union foisted by the fiat and brigandage of the British/Caliphate JV codenamed “Nigeria” since the Annexations of the 19th Century, formalized in 1914.

The two videos below, (both of May 2018) will shed some more light on the subsurface dynamics driving these frantic actions.

Shell seems to have grabbed and deployed for its own use, the LNC Prescription in both videos, on what Nigeria MUST DO to salvage anything at all, in terms of reinventing itself as a Political Union.

Shell is pointing itself to the Strategy Adopted by the Government of President Frederick De Klerk of South Africa in 1990, to wind up the Apartheid Constitutional Order in South Africa.

Whether this belated action will save the day for Shell, is a matter that will be determined by a mix of considerations, going forward.

Nigeria itself (which to all intents and purposes, is no more than a Department in the Operations of the behemoth that goes by the name “Shell”) must now brace up to tow this line in self-rectitude.

It seems too late now to try to salvage the Political Union intact but much can be achieved toward the moderation of the processes that will birth the Successor State Instruments/Protocols/Entities.

The Operators of the Criminal Enterprise called “Nigeria” must, like Shell has done has done, come down from their high horses and make a U-Turn as Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa most earnestly admonished in the second Video titled “NIGERIA IN TRANSITION: BETWEEN THE 1966 BREAKDOWN AND THE BREAK-UP OF NOW”. (The link to the said second video is,

The first video is titled “THE DISTRESSED FEDERATION OF NIGERIA : OPTIONS FOR THE ENTRAPPED PEOPLES OF NIGERIA”. The link to that first video is,

Accordingly, for Nigeria at this time, first order of business is to accept that the embattled 1999 Constitution cannot carry the badly fractured Union any further and therefore to, like South Africa did with the Apartheid Constitution in 1990, halt further preparations for National Elections in 2019 premised upon that Constitution, so that the urgent business of reworking the Protocols of mutual coexistence is undertaken amongst and between the Constituent Components of Nigeria in an orderly manner and in what’s formations they maydeem fit in unfettered Self-Determination, to be ratified by Referendums of the Various Peoples.

Tony Nnadi
June 1, 2018.