[Perspective] To thy tent O Nigeria: that is what Danjuma has declared

By Tony Nnadi

Amidst the flood of animated debates that erupted from the groundbreaking proclamations by Retired Lieutenant-General Theophilus Danjuma, a former Chief of Army Staff and later Defence Minister of Nigeria, March 24, 2018 at a University Convocation Ceremony, in which he, amongst other things:

(1) Confirmed that the Armed Forces of Nigeria was Colluding with, Facilitating the Movement of, and providing Cover for the rampaging Terror Machinery called “Fulani Herdsmen” in their ongoing killing spree across Nigeria.

(2) That the so-called “Fulani Herdsmen” are on an undisguised ethnic cleansing campaign; and,

(3) That the rest of Nigeria must rise up and defend themselves and their Territories, because if they wait for the Armed of Nigeria to defend them, they will “die one by one”.

Latter day protagonists of the long-dead One-North anachronism and the supporting One-Nigeria co-travellers tried to whip up those two “Unity” sentiments of One-North and One-Nigeria, at a Forum and I had to address them as follows, in response to some charges of “Anti-North designs by the South”, as well as “Lack of patriotism towards Nigeria” :

What is “the North”, before we talk of “Anti-North” ?

If the definition “the North” is a consolidation of Danjuma’s North and Buhari’s North, then the net reality is that there is no “North” anywhere as can sustain the charge of “Anti-North”.

Has the bogey of “One-North” not come to a disastrous end already with the bloody rampage of Buhari’s North against Danjuma’s North?

In the same vein, I ask : What is Nigeria?

Is it the Caliphate-Nigeria of Master and Slave, held together only by the brutal force of Military Occupation, the guile of a fraudulent Constitution and sustained by local surrogates anointed and coronated by the Caliphate across the length and breadth of the Territory the World calls “Nigeria”?

That British-Imposed and Caliphate-Sustained “Nigeria” with no internal cohesion, which Obafemi Awolowo called “A Mere Geographical Expression” ?

That “Nigeria” that Ahmadu Bello described as “The Mistake of 1914”?

Beyond the self-delusion of constantly chorusing the vacuous “Arise O Compatriots” anthem and the mutual lie sessions of chanting : “I Pledge to Nigeria my Country”; has “Nigeria” transformed into anything more cohesive than the “Mere Geographical Expression” Awolowo dismissed it as, or the “Mistake of 1914” Ahmadu Bello lamented it to be?

No. Absolutely No. Rather, the recently Declassified Official Colonial Records on Nigeria, now in the possession of the LNC, confirm to us that what Ahmadu Bello tagged “the Mistake of 1914” was actually “the Mischief of 1914”, consciously enacted and erected by Britain purely for its own Commercial/Economic purposes and interests which hasn’t changed to date, reason why its awkward Diplomatic Emissary to Nigeria, Mr Paul Awkright, goes around talking about how Britain will forever prefer One-Nigeria and how Britain will rejoice if Buhari remains in power beyond 2019.

For the Ambassador of a Country to be openly meddling at this depth in the internal affairs of the Country of his posting, Mr Awkright has most certainly crossed all known bounds of Diplomatic decency.

In summary, there is no “North” anywhere, beyond whatever the Caliphate Spokesmen conjure. There is no Nigeria anywhere beyond what the Caliphate and its agents proclaim.

That Nigeria that deploys Pythons and Crocodiles to devour it’s own citizens and devastate whole Communities in Eastern Nigeria?

Theophilus Danjuma has just found the courage to blow for us all, the long awaited trumpet of : “TO THY O NIGERIA”.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and Movement for New Nigeria (MNN)