Oyedepo is one of the most intelligent Nigerian, says UK based counterterrorism expert

By Editor

Bishop David Oyedepo has been described by a London based terrorism/counterterrorism expert as “one of the most intelligent human beings that God in his infinite mercies permitted to be a Nigerian”.

Marvelous Nnatu sings Bishop Oyedepo’s praises.

Mr. Nnatu made the above assertion in the following Facebook post of his.

“The first day I entered Covenant University, it was as if I was rescued from the devils, the wizards and principalities that run Nigeria.

“If I remember correctly I went to meet my boss Prof Ifeanyi Onyeonoru who sent me on research errand in the East so needed to report back to him.

“It took me sometime to realise that I was still in Nigeria. From the gate everything was organised.

“I relished every minute I spent in that place. I cursed Nigerian leaders until I left the site grudgingly.

“I breathed fresh air and engaged nice people. It was there that I knew that flowers are still part of Nigeria as it was used lavishly for decoration.

“It was one of the best organised, serene environments I have ever visited physically in Nigeria. In fact while at the place, I became scared of moving back into Lagos.

“The first thing that came to my mind was, so Nigerians can actually put up and manage a structure like this where there is 24 hours light all year round without foreign interference.

“As soon as I left the place to move back into that madness they call Nigeria, I realised why there are many witches and wizards in Nigeria. If you are not careful, the Nigeria environment alone can turn a normal man into a lunatic overnight.

“I noticed that as long as I remained inside the environment my brain was normal and functioning at an alarming frequency but as soon as I entered Ota roads back to Lagos a special madness took over me.

“Sometimes, I don’t really blame most Nigerians. They are exhibiting long years of thriving in a very inhuman animalistic and chaotic environment. I was also a victim. The environment has turned many of us into functional madmen and they don’t even know it.

“That’s why you see able bodied men calling on Pastors to lead revolution why they watch bumbum at BBN.

“That’s why many intellectuals, clergies, technocrats etc gathered at Ojota in 2015 to dance and eat away their future at the foot of mediocrity with jollof rice.

“That’s why they gathered to campaign for a murderer in 2015 inspite of repeated warnings by Bishop David Oyedepo one of the most intelligent human beings that God in his infinite mercies permitted to be a Nigerian, to avoid Buhari yet they stuck with their obstinacy.

“That’s why lawyers, SANs numbering more than 15 went to court to defend perjury and gave the country an uneducated bigot as President.

“If you want to get some relief from the Nigerian madness, visit Winners Chapel Ota, the home of Covenant University and stay for few days. That will give you some mental relief or even cure your madness.

“Even if your own madness is “okiri mgbawa isi”, just visiting Winners will reset your brain.”