Opinion | Yes, The Rickety House Of Lugard Has Fallen

Here was my response at the Platform where the video below was first posted:

“Yes. the rickety house of lugard has fallen; we must now correct the mistake of 1914.”

The video titled “If I were The President: Has Nigeria Fallen?” comes across more as a belated dirge and a pained requiem than a call-our to Compatriots, as Nigeria had all of 53 years from Aburi 1967 to mend its ways and heal itself, but refused to.

Going by the obvious Political Fingerprints on the Video, if we obdurately refuse to accept, even now, that it is not Elections that will arrest the fire that has already gutted the Rickety House of Lugard, we will foolishly wobble on to the Fulani Invitation to another Round of Elections in 2023 under the Toxic 1999 Constitution that enslave us, in the hope that votes will count, just as many had hoped in 2019.

Nigeria has become a Disputed Project where more than 75% Percent of those being rallied by this video to help rescue the dying Union (including myself), are actually working frantically to bring this Toxic Union as defined by the 1999 Constitution, to its demise for the purpose of extricating millions of its entrapped Constituents from the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught of the Invading Fulani Empire-Builders, seeking to exterminate the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria and Make entire Nigeria the Homeland of the wandering Fulani of Africa.

Let those who wish to save the sinking ship called “Nigeria” do their best or worst in that obdurate Gowonian Task of Keeping Nigeria One, upon the foundation of Injustice and Bloodletting, commissioned since 1967. Let those who wish to continue the construction of Nigeria on the totally damaged and blood-soaked Constitutional Foundation upon which it currently stands, continue in their wisdom or folly but the Majority who realize that a COMPLETE DEMOLITION of the Rickety House of Lugard from its compromised Foundation, is the first step towards any meaningful RECONSTRUCTION, will continue in the inevitable Demolition-First Tasks.

Nigeria ceased to be OUR PROJECT in 1966 when the 5 Constitutions which made it Our Project got Toppled, Jettisoned and Replaced by the Unworkable Unitary Arrangement that has now consumed the life of the Union itself after consuming the lives of over 3.5 million Easterners between 1967 and 1970.

The Nigeria Unilaterally Defined by the Imposed 1999 Constitution is not OUR PROJECT such that we can be rallied to come to salvage it.

Nigeria had over 53 Years from the Aburi Meetings of January 1967 to heal itself from it’s many self-inflicted injuries, but wickedness, greed and arrogance prevailed and so Nigeria died from the Gangrenes of its self-inflicted wounds.

The Task at hand is the orderly interment of the Dead Nigerian Union before the approaching Epidemics occasioned by its Putrefying Toxic Remains, consume tens of millions of its entrapped Constituents. That is the Task the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners are Leading.

Let those who procured Boko Haram and ISIS/ISWAP to charge their way to power violently, find a way tame their Frankenstein Monster. If the present Nigeria was Our Project, the War on Terror would have been Our War; the Fight Against Corruption Would have been Our Fight; but since the present Nigeria is not Our Project, that War and that Fight cannot be Our War or Our Fight.

Let those who blocked Nigeria from being Our Project find answers for their doomed, accursed and dying baby, but those who are caught in the Burning House of Lugard are already finding their Own Answers for Extricating themselves from the Inferno.

  • Tony Nnadi is Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC).

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