Opinion | Wike’s Safe Road to Actualize His “Principled” Conviction

By Kuromiema Miabiye
Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike

When I proposed earlier that Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike stays behind in PDP and support 2023 Labour Party (LP) Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, I was not of the position that he takes that decision in a way that opens him to overt legal consequences.

I believed and still do now that if Gov. Wike takes a strategic path, he would emerge in history as one who fought to bring Southern Nigeria to political self-confidence and maturity based on the widespread failure of the APC and PDP, compared to his perceived sense of delivering for Rivers State as Governor, and within the context of over decades of political struggle to actualize the promise Nigeria is to the African democracy.

He would also have defeated the weak minded servitude of Southern butt lickers of the Atiku and Buhari archetypes who have continued to weaken the South, especially in the effort to build dignity and respect for its people and emancipate them from the second fiddle mentality that they are possessed with, which we know is usually for mere patronage and rent-seeking opportunistic politics.

The demographic reality is that 75% of active voters are desirous of anything but positive change favours a path to strengthen this notion by any redeeming political strategy. That strategy rest squarely with Wike and the profile he has built. He can consolidate that path and will survive even under the worse alternative to negotiated outcome in the spectrum of scenarios (WATNA)

Wike had perfected the GDI model with which he won and has retained control of influence in Rivers as his Political Laboratory.

That GDI model can extend to semblance of Coalition for Peter Obi (CPO) Without open legal consequences to his stay in PDP. He has already gifted resources and provided moral and tactical heads-up to this for APC, NNPP and LP interest. Nothing stops a Governor from supporting the building of democratic institutions and culture.

Rivers State money is not PDP’s money and PDP cannot lay claim to such. Using it in a manner that support the emerging of appropriate democratic political culture through instruments of Rivers Laws and governmental authority cannot be challenged by PDP if “Rivers people” so choose “legally’ irrespective of the LEGITIMACY of such choices.

Wike can and should in his own language provide “Logistic Support” INCLUDING “Technical & Moral Support” to strengthen what is already building on ground across the country. The aspiration of Majority of Nigeria Youth to retire the old order and enthrone a foetus of 21st century political culture reflected in OBI-DATTI ticket and Obidient movement.

Wike has also strengthened the voting/polling unit leadership and mobilization model.

The Obidient movement is actively organizing and working to perfect its awakened spirit in the craft of “pledged voters” mobilization at polling Unit level.

This is where Wike Can draw blood following Tambuwal last hour betrayal of principles, friendship and Trust for Hegemonic and vested interest.

It is a waste of Time and resources in propaganda and threats when a practical path to action is not initiated and taken as did Atiku, Ayu and Tambuwal against Wike and his Team.

PDP can do nothing of effect in the time available before the election other than the proverbial roaring devil that fail in opposition politics but for the efforts of Wike.

For me PDP Atiku/Fulani/North is not an option in practical politics in the Nigeria Temperament. We must work together to achieve political balance until we rise above primodal cleavage to focus on citizenship and good governance as the primary focus and outcome of electioneering and other political processes

The Choice is OBI-DATTI

Miabiye Kuromiema was at various times, President of the Rivers State University Students Union and Youth Council (IYC).