Opinion | Understanding The Attitude Of The #LNC, To The “#Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon

By Tony Nnadi

In response to several obviously uninformed comments about the unwillingness of the Lower Niger Congress, LNC, to work with or have anything to do with the Rogue “Biafra” Franchise, I wrote as follows:

A ‘Biafra Restoration’ rally overseas.

It is clear that you are either unwilling or unable to see that nothing can be built on falsehood, deceit or vacuous propaganda.

I gave you what was written and publicly circulated since 2017 as my account of what actually transpired between Nnamdi Kanu and myself between 2013 and 2017, with actual and verifiable witnesses, relating directly to Objective issues of STRATEGY and METHODOLOGY which define success or failure for the Project. It seems casual to you that deliberate falsehoods and lies that are very injurious to the Project and its key drivers will be deployed by someone in order to present himself for what he is not and in the process, damaging the key fabrics of the narrow prospects for success in the Project and also wasting a lot of lives in the most unnecessary circumstances, just so that he could claim credit for reinventing the wheel.

You talk of “apparently espousing a Strategy” so cavalierly as if I just wrote a theory and went back to sleep, whereas the truth is that the most important part of the RoadMap that was being stolen from by the various Biafra Franchise platform is the part that took on the very foundations of Nigeria including PRONACO (2004-2006) which brought the entire Nationalities into a Sovereign Conference that produced a Draft that became the reincarnation of ABURI, which became the New Consensus upon which the decisive attack on the 1999 Constitution, levied from 2007 was anchored by the MNN Alliance which was the enforcement phase of the PRONACO Consensus (Aburi-2) to return the Sovereignty of the Federating Blocs to them or Dismantle the Union forthwith.

It might interest you to learn that the US and EU had Observer Missions to the Conference and that Muhammadu Buhari was part of the Fulani Delegation to the Conference.

Quite apart from the elaborate and painstakingly tedious 6 years work (2003-2009) that the LNC did to get the buy-in of each of the Lower Niger Nationalities into the Lower Niger Paradigm, there was also the massive outreach via the MNN Alliance Machinery that brought the rest of the South and Middle Belt into the critical alignment that upended the 1967 Caliphate-led Alliance that came against the East. The Joint Regional Actions in rejection and isolation of the 12-State Sharia Caliphate began with the MNN LAGOS DECLARATION OF JUNE 30, 2011 from where the 4-Bloc Broken Map of Nigeria emerged.

The Project moved on to the intensified Regional Actions to Individually and Collectively DELEGITIMIZE and REPUDIATE the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution. Between 2012 and mid-2015, deep forays were made in the International Circuit (especially Washington DC and New York), including being directly involved in emergence of the UNITED NATIONS DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (September 2007); addressing a Special Congressional Event at Capitol Hill on Nigeria in the immediate aftermath of the fractious 2015 Presidential Election in Nigeria, as well as informal Meetings at the UN HQ with Senior Diplomats at the UN to apprise them of the contents of the LNC/MNN Processes that would culminate In REFERENDUMS and PLEBISCITES.

The April 2015 SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN PORT HARCOURT, followed by the Yoruba Solemn Assembly of September 7, 2017 in Ibadan and the Middle Belt edition July 18, 2018 in Markurdi were all guided by the LNC/MNN Grand Script.

So much more happened that cannot be accommodated in this brief outline (search YouTube with the name Lower Niger Congress and see scores of audiovisuals from these processes that span 20 years from 1999. View in particular the one titled: UNRAVELING THE FOUNDATION OF THE CALIPHATE PRISON).

What the problem with the current “Biafra” commotion is, is that Nnamdi Kanu and a few before him, who had no idea of the true nature of the huge shackles and manacles that bound (and still bind) our People to the ground nor of the true nature or size of the monster we are up against, came at various times, with no Strategies or Clear RoadMap and just hopped on to the very emotional sentiment of “Biafra” amongst our People. The LNC as a part of its general outreach, took the trouble to share the Strategy and RoadMap with the Leaderships of Each and Every such “Biafra Agitation” Group that sprang up at various times including the Uwazuruike-era MASSOB, BGIE, BILIE, BZM and the most recent being the Nnamdi Kanu’s faction of the IPOB. Each of these groups chose only the quick-gain, quick-popularity of “mobilizing” our People for Freedom, which is the least but most rewarding part of the humongous tasks that need to be undertaken to free and liberate the captives of the monster that post-1966 Unitary Nigeria has become for its Component constituents including the Greater Eastern Nigeria.

Thus while the LNC is unobtrusively and quietly doing the heavy lifting, home and abroad, these Rogue Elements who all graduated from what they call the University of Okwe (Uwazuruike’s tutelage) were/are focused on quick-gain razzmatazz and commotion, laced with horrendous falsehoods and hollow propaganda with absolutely no Strategy or Designs that may ever yield Independence. Rather, their methods and greed actually cause unquantifiable damages the Project as it creates divisions and alienation where the Project already built critically needed Cohesion and Alliances.

The truth is that Our People are fed up with Nigeria and have been so fed up since 1966. The challenge had always been: how do they extricate themselves? This is what the LNC figured out, leveraging also on the fact that there has emerged a new majority of other Constituent Nationality Blocs in Nigeria that have between 1966 and 1999, become equally completely fed up with Nigeria, in the face of the brigandage and murderous onslaught of the Caliphate (Fulani precisely) which now manifest in the ongoing Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria.

The LNC/MNN Alliance Paradigm is the Waterloo of the Obdurate Caliphate Nigeria.

Those organizing the waving of “Biafra” Flags across the globe from the safety of their foreign abodes but who sabotage and denigrate the practical structured hard work and the local multi-Regional as well as global Alliances required to defeat the occupation force being the Unitary Nigeria, are a setback to the Project. It is worse that their motives are self-serving while their methods are most reckless and costing so much in lives and livelihoods.

Let those who wish to get a fuller picture of what distinguishes the Strategy-Based Lower Niger Self-determination Campaign from the commotion that goes by the codename “Biafra Restoration Agitation” please open and review in full, the following link which also provide an insight into who exactly the LNC refers to as the Rogue Global “Biafra Franchise (certainly not the genuine Biafra Agitation footsoldiers, taking the bullets of Nigeria and exerting much efforts overseas). Here is the link:

Tony Nnadi, an Attorney and The Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress, writes from Lagos.