Opinion | The Proposed Shutdown And Downgrade Of Enugu Airport By The ‘Rogue’ Federal Government Of Nigeria

By Tony Nnadi

“The Federation of Nigeria Collapsed in 1966. The Fulani Caliphate seized it’s carcass after killing 3.5 Million Easterners between 1967-1970; imposed the 1979 Unitary Constitution which it revived 1999; Seizing power 2015, that Caliphate is now on a CONQUEST Mission to wipe out the Indigenous Peoples so as to Own Nigeria 100%” -Tony Nnadi May 6, 2019.

Once again, we are poignantly confronted by the warped definition of a Federation which Unitary Nigeria has become.

With the N100Billion Mobilization to Miyetti Allah Proprietors of the Murderous Fulani Herdsmen Franchise for Acquisition of Grazing Reserves/Ranches in Igboland (and possibly elsewhere), and for the Rapid Settlement and arming of the Initial “Fulani Herdsmen” Population in the Acquired Reserves/Reserves Preparatory to the Final Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught against the “recalcitrant” Igbo, the Planned Shutdown and Downgrade of the Akanu Ibiam is simply a Design by the Winners of the 1967–1970 War to reinstate the Air, Land and Sea Blockade that gave them Victory in that War with Biafra (the then Breakaway Eastern Region).

JUXTAPOSING the Jurisdictions conferred by the Federal Exclusive Legislative List in the Rogue 1999 Constitution WITH the so-called Safety issues raised by Nigeria’s Junior Minister in charge of Aviation against the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, in terms of who has responsibility over what, between the Federal Government and the Enugu State Government, it takes only the most naive of untrained eyes not to see the MOTIVE behind this sinister Proposition by the so-called “Federal Government of Nigeria.”

In specific terms, the Maintenance of Airport Runways, the Licensing of Free Trade Zones, the Licensing for Telecommunications (and therefore the siting of Telecommunications Masts) as well as the General Responsibility for Safety at Airports Countrywide including measures against bird-strikes, are vested upon the Federal Government by the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution.

If having deliberately failed in these responsibilities, the same “Federal Government” turns round to prescribe a Shutdown and Downgrade of the Enugu Airport as the remediation for the FG failures, those who know what is currently unfurling in Nigeria should know that these are stories for the Marines.


Unless and Until the Sovereignty Questions represented by the Inverted Federation foisted on the rest of Nigeria by the Belligerent Fulani Caliphate are RAISED VERY QUICKLY, VERY FORCEFULLY AND VERY UNAMBIGUOUSLY by the entrapped and endangered rest of Nigeria, we will sit like lame ducks waiting for our turn at the Slaughter.
Murmuring, whining and whispering as we are currently doing will not do.

I am also certain that when the first wave of mass burials hit Igboland, that inevitable SOVEREIGNTY QUESTION we are shying away from raising now will be raised amidst severed heads, broken limbs and mutilated bodies of People related to us by blood.

Until then, we can continue in the bliss of Self-Delusion and continue to place political correctness above the urgent imperative of Self-Preservation.

Tony Nnadi is a Lagos based Attorney and Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress, LNC.

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