Opinion | The choices we make and outcomes we get: Options for the Igbo in Nigeria

By Tony Nnadi

As loud debates rage all over Nigeria regarding the Military Operations going on in Eastern Nigeria and as we witness a re-enactment of the 1966 Episode in which a Coup by middle-rank Military officers was deliberately tagged an Igbo Coup for the outcome that followed between 1967 and 1970, it has become necessary to take a closer look at the dangerous altercations that once again target to isolate, blame and crucify the Igbo for the woes of Nigeria.

Just like in 1966, the Caliphate and their British Sponsors are vigorously setting up a narrative that presents as an ALL-IGBO Undertaking, the entire “Biafra Restoration” enterprise, particularly as being prosecuted by Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen mutations.

This deliberately false and dangerous narrative is being reinforced and amplified by the Positions and Actions of several Caliphate Spokesman-Platforms including the so-called Northern Elders Forum, NEF; Arewa Youth Coalition Groups that has issued an Igbo-Asset-Destruction threat that will commence July 1, 2021, Arewa Women Groups that came out demonstrating and asking that the troublesome Igbo be allowed to leave Nigeria by referendum and most significantly, Muhammadu Buhari who gloated ominously today June 10, 2021 on National Television about how the Niger Delta (South-South) Elders and Youth Groups have dissociates themselves from the Igbo Biafra Gambit of Nnamdi Kanu.

It does not take the prowess of a clairvoyant to see that there is a massive build-up to lump together, criminalize, isolate and possibly exterminate the Igbo of the South East ostensibly on the ground that the Igbo has once again conspired to set the roof of Nigeria on fire.

Against the backdrop of what the Igbo Collective (Oha & Eze) has done or failed to do, or perceived to have done or failed to do, regarding the rambunctious bloodletting “Biafra Restoration” commotion of Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen, my preliminary comment at this time will be to call up an August 9, 2020 observation on the subject where I was pointing to the Options before the Igbo in our engagements with Nigeria, in terms of the choice to be made and the outcome to expect BETWEEN the Strategy and Alliance-Based Self-Determination Campaign of the Lower Niger Congress LNC AND the totally uncharted Biafra-Now-Now vituperations of the Biafra Restoration charade being orchestrated by the Rogue Biafra Franchise operated by Nnamdi Kanu.

With the “Biafra” Conundrum featuring like a recurring decimal in the Eastern Nigeria Sphere of the wider angry debates on the future of the Igbo in the distressed Federation of Nigeria, it has become pertinent to remind us of the Choices we have made or been perceived to have made as a People by the rest of Nigeria, as well as the outcomes we can expect from those choices.

Here was my August 9, 2020 Note and the Two-Map Illustration:

In dismissing suggestions from several uninformed quarters that the LNC and the Rogue Global Biafra Franchise are on the same.mission and so should “work together”, Tony Nnadi of the LNC wrote as follows:

“What Nnamdi Kanu and his Rogue Biafra Franchise are doing in the name of “Biafra Restoration” simply plunges the Igbo to the 1967-Level Isolation, surrounded 360 Degrees by the Alliance of the rest of Nigeria as seen in the Map to the Left.

This is a guarantee of failure for the totally meaningless “Biafra Restoration” Venture.

On the other hand, the LNC-led MNN Alliance has rallied the rest of Nigeria to Isolate the Recalcitrant and hitherto Invincible Caliphate into a hopeless minority, with the 1999 Constitution now Repudiated by the new Alliance on a scale that now guarantees the demise of the 1999 Constitution that made the Caliphate nearly omnipotent.

This is guarantee that whatever happens to or with Nigeria, the Igbo will never again be isolated by the rest of Nigeria and that the Constitutional Logjam resulting from the Joint Push by the MNN Alliance can only bring the Igbo (and others) to the point where they would be choosing via REFERENDUM, whether to be Independent or to Federate with anyone.”