Opinion | The battle for the carcass of Nigeria: The bridge to 2023 holds the ace

By Tony Nnadi
Tony Nnadi (right)

It is a fact of history that the Federation of Nigeria collapsed in 1966 when the 5 Constitutions that defined it got toppled and jettisoned by the Military Incursion into Nigeria’s Political space.

It is also a fact of history that the attempt to resuscitate the Union at the Aburi Sovereign Conference January 1967, was truncated shortly after the Parties returned to Nigeria from Ghana and that it took a brutal War of Genocide between 1967-1970, to force the break-away Biafra back into the Nigerian Union.

It is yet another fact of history that the triumphant side in that Nigeria-Biafra War imposed what was essentially a Unitarist Victory Charter as the “Constitution of Nigeria” 1979, which it carried forward 20 years after labelled the “1999 Constitution” that has left the wobbling Nigerian Union, an inverted Federation.

This unworkable Constitutional arrangement has bred a totally dysfunctional Country manifesting every known debility of a failed State.

Disputations amongst the entrapped Constituent Components of the distressed Nigerian Union had taken many twists and turns, precipitating what seems a vaguely understood consensus that goes by the tag “Restructuring,” in which all agree that Nigeria must somehow find a way to bring back its departed Federal Soul, lest it goes to interment.

Where we are now is that the Federation of Nigeria as defined by the 1999 Constitution has again collapsed under the weight of its own fraudulence and the Fulani are on a frantic campaign to forcefully and violently take over and Colonize the entire Nigeria Territory, hiding under the banner of Democracy and Constitutionalism before the the Global Community, but ferociously sweeping Southwards with their heavily armed Militia, which they present as “Herdsmen” with a carefully choreographed but utterly false narrative of routine “Farmers/Herdsmen Clashes.”

Now, what the Fulani needs to successfully conclude their Conquest and Colonization Campaign is to remain in power for a few more years under the all-empowering 1999 Constitution they imposed. That way, no one can legitimately challenge them as they rapidly advance their Conquest and Colonization Campaign, since everything will continue to be dressed up as “Democracy”.

But there is a very big hurdle for the Fulani to cross.

They can only succeed in this “remaining in power for a few more years” imperative, if they haul the rest of us into the 2023 Elections Train, under the 1999 Constitution, while they continue their gameplan uninhibited throughout before then. Should that happen, it means the game is finished, since the entire Electoral Infrastructure (INEC, Police, Military, Nigeria’s International Clout) is 100% in Fulani hands. Therefore, the Fulani will win in their Conquest and Colonization Agenda.

On the other hand, if the rest of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria finds any mechanism to truncate the journey to 2023 now, particularly for the reason of repudiation and rejection of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, the entire Fulani game-plan and stranglehold upon Nigeria will collapse, and win for all, the extrication of long suppressed Sovereignties their various Peoples (East, West, MB) from the monstrous Caliphate Suzerainty the World calls “Nigeria.”

The first decisive step towards the halting of preparations towards Election in 2023 under the rejected 1999 Constitution, emanated from the Yoruba Region by way of a Declaration under the aegis of Voice of Reason (VOR) with by 74 Signatories. (Advertised at page 22 of Punch Newspaper of January 25, 2018).

By taking the following far-reaching Positions, as Published by the VOR:

(1) No-Restructuring-No-Election.

(2) Yoruba-will-leave-the-Union-if-Restructuring-does-not-precede-2019.

(3) The fundamental changes being demanded by the Yoruba, go far beyond the Legislative Mandate of the National Assembly to undertake, the Yoruba has placed the ball on the penalty spot for the embattled rest of Nigeria to win the very difficult match against the “Master-Race”, empire-building Caliphate Colonialsists, once and for all.

The least the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria can do is to line up solidly behind this well-informed Yoruba position and immediately halt the dangerous journey to nowhere, which any further National Elections under the Master-Servant 1999 Constitution represents, so that the fundamental Reconfiguration of the defunct Federation of Nigeria, as dictated by its entrapped Constituent Components, in unfettered Self-Determination, can commence in earnest.

Will the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria fail itself and its unborn Generation at this crucial point in History?

This is where the jinxed Voyage of Nigeria has just reached.

Tony Nnadi, Esq., a legal luminary and Co-Convener of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS), wrote this on behalf of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), of which he is Secretary General.