Opinion | Status Of 1999 Constitution & Nexus With Ongoing NINAS Liberation Campaign

By Tony Nnadi

In response to diverse comments relating the challenge of defeating, overcoming and ousting of the 1999 Constitution which directly chain us down into the Nigerian Union and which render us slaves in our Homeland, the following Clarifications have become necessary.

(1) In the Push to Liberate Ourselves and our Homeland from the Union of Death and Bondage that Unitary Nigeria has become for its Constituent Components, the Take-Off Point is to Zoom in on the Two Fundamentally False Claims in the Preamble to the 1999 Constitution that:

(a) ”We the Peoples of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, having Firmly and Solemnly Resolved to Live in Unity as one Indivisible and Indissoluble Nation under God ….” and

(b) ”Do Hereby Make, Enact and Give To Ourselves, the following Constitution”

(2) Going by the contents of Decree No.24 of 1999 by which the 1999 Constitution was Promulgated and Imposed by Abdusalam Abubakar’s Military Junta, (printed in error inside the 1999 Constitution itself by Divine Providence) the aforementioned Two False Claims that We the People Agreed to form a Union and that we Made the Constitution by which which we will cohabit as one Political Union is exposed, thus rendering the entire 1999 Constitution an IRREDEEMABLE Fraud and Forgery.

(3) Those Two Self-Evident and Irrefutable Falsehoods which constitute the Sole Foundation upon which the 1999 Constitution stands, hold the Key to our Extrication from the Union of Death the World calls Nigeria, and this was the reason we drew up a 20-Year Plan within the first year of the imposition of the 1999 Constitution, to Rally a Countrywide Consensus to asphyxiate and completely Oust the 1999 Constitution, thereby REMOVING the Basis of the Nigerian Union itself and safely precipitating a Union Reconstruction dictated by our Freed Sovereignties and the SELF-DETERMINATION Imperative for Trapped Constituent Components.

(4) The 2007 Challenge against the LEGITIMACY (not Legality) of the 1999 Constitution to lay the Foundation for the current Onslaught against the 1999 Constitution by Constituent Components of Nigeria that want out of the Union of Death.

(5) Unfortunately for the Custodians and Enforcers of Unitary Nigeria, even with their best efforts to stall proceedings, that Suit of 2007 achieved it’s Main Objective which is the DELEGITIMIZATION of the 1999 Constitution on the ground of its FRAUDULENT Basis, bringing us to where, as part of our Liberation Campaign, we began to openly label the Unitary Nigeria defined by that 1999 Constitution as a Fraud and the Nigerian Project as Criminal Enterprise, accusing the Operators of the Nigerian State of committing TREASON against the rest of us and Insisting that the Document MUST be Decommissioned Wholesale.

(6) The only Major Task left to Decapitate that Unitary Nigeria and Free it’s Trapped Constituent Components is to Halt the March to the next Renewal Exercise of the life of that Defeated 1999 Constitution by way of the National Elections slated for 2023.

If we do this Task, we get Free. If we don’t, we sink deeper into the Caliphate Bondage by Renewing and Reinforcing the very instrument by which we are Enslaved.

Tony Nnadi is Co-convener, Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS).