Opinion | Rivers Residents Registration Agency Law and ICT Enabled Security and Identity Management System

By Miabiye Kuromiema

One of two very important piece of legislation that are long over due, has just been approved by the Rivers State Executive Council. One address prohibition of open grazing and licensing of Ranching operations and the second, the Registration of Residents and Visitors to Rivers State.

Former Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) President Miabiye Kuromiema.

I hope to see a Robust step of a digitally founded support system for Registration of Residents and their Homes which in my view should be tied to the Global Positioning System (GIS), the Photo ID and biometric all within a digital enables environment.

Comprehensive registration of all residents of Rivers State locating their homes, as well persons visiting Rivers State and staying for upwards of one week or routine visitors who come and go regularly but may have no permanent address has become necessary and overdue.

The idea of digital registration will probably provide young people with ICT expertise jobs, if properly designed and developed.

With Connectivity to a central database, small businesses can be setup to supported by and to support the Agency.

Appropriate set of Kits given them to open registration units all across the state identifiable through some Apps as to their respective location and official licenses as agent of the Agency.

They can accordingly be empowered under law as franchisee agent to Register Residents and Vistors in the State according to law, including safely and securely collecting biometric, photos and issue some form of digital identification and photo to People and their primary abode for a token which should be paid using electronic payment systems to eliminate fraud and reduce corruption.

I also see need for the development of appropriate Apps to support process for this. All this will significantly deal with security in this Era of Kidnapping, UNG and all kinds of crimes.

Rivers State need to led Nigeria to develop a robust database system and attach same in the custody of the Agency to support policing of the society.

Federal Police should not be the owner of the database system. It should be the property of Rivers State through the Agency.

The Agency which should train Young people with cutting edge digital competence and associated forensic capabilities and integrate units of data access into mobile and modern vehiclar system with appropriate ICT that is fully connectivity enabled, that can with the press of botton pull up secure data of any person anywhere in the state solely through the Agency and powered by law and confidentiality to preserve privacy.

That way, the Rivers State Neighborhood Agency to which this system is to support can work with the Federal Police, providing them with information and intelligence until such a Time that the law on State and Community policing is adequate addressed.

Nothing should be spared to bring security system mordenization to a level that allows the enabling of some level of Citizens policing at the press of a button on an App to identify eg vehicle, its owner, its drivers or driver license by any citizen anywhere in our state enable by some well thought out law that subject residents to one and other to make people feel safe. This data base and public access to it can be a source of revenue to government.

Mobile Security and Identity Data Access System

With your state issued Residency ID, Driver’s License or PVC, security can pull up your information in Rivers State, and such action must comply with lawful provisions.

Miabiye Kuromiema, a Rivers born Quantity Surveyor, Digital Film Maker, Development Practitioner and former Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) President, writes from the United States.