Opinion | NINAS’s Urgent note of caution to the South, Middlebelt regarding push to 2023 elections

By Tony Nnadi
A file photo of Tony Nnadi

As all manners of drama continues to play out amongst various Political Party Gladiators and other Stakeholders about the already doomed voyage to the 2023 Electoral Round, NINAS is constrained by what seems a shocking misdiagnosis and misreading of the Life-Or-Death situation the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria are currently caught in, amidst the undisguised Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught and the Murderous Conquest Campaign of the Fulani, with the full collusion of the Fulani-Controlled Federal Government of Nigeria.

At this time, the Whole World knows that the Alliance of the endangered rest of Nigeria, NINAS, (via its December 16, 2020 Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure),is pushing decisively towards ending the Union of Death foisted and enforced by the Fulani, via the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution.

Having thoroughly Repudiated that Fraudulent Constitution, and having reasonably secured the buy-in of the Key Global Powers (US and its Allies because of the deepening, State-Assisted ISIS/Al Quaeda incursions into our Subregion; UN for reasons outlined by the Agnes Callamard Rapporteur Mission to Nigeria), the Key Strategy being deployed by the NINAS Alliance to Take Down that 1999 Constitution is to IMMEDIATELY (inside 2021) halt the Voyage to the 2023 Elections, in demonstration of their Rejection of the Nigerian Union defined by that Constitution. This will precipitate a Constitutional Logjam that will compel a Transitioning Process that must include, for resolution, Regional Self-Determination Referendums in the Formations delineated by the Alliance Map.

The Defeated Caliphate in response to this NINAS Alliance Push, is desperately trying to railroad Nigeria to another round of National Elections in 2023 as its own Strategy to save the Dying 1999 Constitution in the hope of saving the Unitary Union being rejected by the Alliance.

As things stand in the Battlefield we call “Nigeria” right now, amidst all the killings and official terror being orchestrated by the Fulani from the very seat of power, EVERYTHING that will define success or failure for all sides in the days ahead, will completely depend on whether the Sharia Caliphate is able to drag the Alliance of the rest of Nigeria towards another Round of National Elections in 2023 or the Alliance is able to bloc the Preparations for 2023 (ie inside 2021) to trigger a Constitutional Logjam.

If the former, the Caliphate CONQUEST drive will be almost unstoppable. If the latter, the Alliance bid for FREEDOM will be unstoppable.

It is therefore a tragedy monumental proportions that at this critical time, Political Parties and all kinds of ill-informed elements in the NINAS Alliance Territories are still anchoring their plans of Redemption on how to win the 2023 Elections Buhari and his Fulani Confederates will conduct, even as the Fulani RAPIDLY advance their Conquest Onslaught against all, drawing absolute and unchallengeable powers from the 1999 Constitution whilst criminalizing, disempowering, and incapacitating the rest of Nigeria with that same Constitution.

Let us note that the big issue right now is not about what happens with the 2023 Elections in terms of who wins it. It is more about WHETHER we continue to allow the Fulani a free reign under the prevailing Fraudulent and Death-Dispensing Constitutional Order between now and 2023 OR we, in the IMMEDIATE, (inside 2021) disrupt that Constitutional Order and therefore extinguish the source of the Fulani Overbearing Power and Legitimate Control of ALL Official Firearms and Machinery of Coercion in Nigeria, and so we reiterate: it is less about who wins the 2023 Elections.

Without any equivocation, the December 16, 2020 NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure, offers the rest of Nigeria the most Potent Strategy and Framework for comprehensively defeating the Caliphate IF ONLY those caught in the clear and present danger represented by the Fulani Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught against the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria, will brace up very quickly to the Liberation tasks ahead instead of arguing in utter ignorance.

Looking at what just played out in Afghanistan, the cost of delay in making this narrow Escape bid from Certain Damnation, will be reckoned in blood. We can all chorus : God Forbid, but we must get up and act as instructed by the drivers of the Joint Jailbreak from the Caliphate Prison the World calls Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi, Esq., legal luminary and Co-convener of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS), writes on behalf of the NINAS Secretariat.