Opinion | Nigeria As The Incinerator Of Talents

While Nigeria hounds away it’s best, the rest of the World snap up and utilize these bests

Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala appointed to South African Economic Advisory Council by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

As the Buhari Administration gropes in the dark for clues on what to do about the Nigerian Economy that has been on free fall since 2015, the World Bank and other Global Institutions as well as many Advanced Countries of the World had been tapping into the Proven Ingenuity of one of the Global bests in the Economic and Financial spheres, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria. South Africa just named her the Head of South Africa’s Economic Advisory Council while Buhari’s Nigeria is still casting mud all over the economic feats achieved by Nigeria under the watch of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as Nigeria’s Finance Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy during the Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Here is the link to the news item: http://bentelevision.com/south-african-president-appoints-dr-ngozi-as-head-of-sa-economic-advisory-council/

Now again, in the face of the Global Pandemonium about Coronavirus and as the US is Testing the Potential Remedy Developed by Nigeria’s Prof Maurice Iwu and his Team at Bioresources, (who were also central to the containment of Ebola), Nigeria is busy hounding and actually trying Prof Maurice Iwu in Court, for some self-evidently false and totally spurious “corruption” charge, manufactured by Abuja in the desperate bid to punish Prof Iwu whom they accused of being the Consultant to the PDP in the 2019 Presidential Elections that clearly lost by the APC.

To compound matters, hoodlums had on Wednesday March 3, 2020 gone to vandalize the Okigwe Production and Research Facility of Prof Iwu’s Bioresources Ltd which is Leading the current global search for answers to Coronavirus pandemic. Right now, Production is halted at that Facility because the Electricity Mains are cut off and equipment vandalized even with a Police Post (donated by Bioresources) sitting directly in front of the Bioresources Facility there in Okigwe.

Here is the link to the news item: https://kaftanpost.com/coronavirus-nigerian-research-institute-working-on-cure-attacked/

First is to point out that on the Map of Nigeria, these bests of Nigeria about whom CNN’s Fareed Zakaria presented some glowing statistics recently (though ill-motivated), including the two now under in focus, all fall within the same small space in Nigeria’s extreme South whereas the hunters and hounders in Abuja are all from the opposite end on the same Map to Nigeria’s extreme North.

Next is to remind all that a Nigeria that is the Bastion of Wickedness and Incinerator of Talents can only be bound for the ruins it is currently in and for the abyss and that the portions of the Toxic Nigeria from which these Talents are being Incinerated are already working out their future beyond the Defunct Federation of Nigeria currently under the hijack and stranglehold of a Murderous Caliphate.

  • Tony Nnadi, an Attorney and the Secretary General of both the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) and Lower Niger Congress (LNC), writes from Lagos, Nigeria.