Opinion | How PDP’s only hope of survival is the NINAS movement

By Ndidi Uwechue

For decades, observers had been raising an alarm that Nigeria was on the edge of a precipice and would one day plunge into catastrophe. These concerned observers had overlooked, or not known about the Caliphate Agenda for Nigeria. For, what someone seeking peace and democracy would describe as a “catastrophe” is actually “the best of news” for those intent on building an Islamic State within Nigeria, and even beyond, going right into the Sahel. The Caliphate Agenda is that the Fulani Koran should conquer everywhere, right up to “the sea” (Atlantic Ocean). For those in charge of this Islamization programme, it is a religious duty which they believe will bring them good rewards when they die and get to meet their Maker. They are therefore at peace with all the bloodshed that their Agenda will bring. They are only anxious should any thing try to prevent this dream of theirs from being realised.

Enter PDP, that is, the Peoples Democratic Party. PDP was in power at Central Government level for sixteen years, up to 2015. However it lost at those general elections and has since been on a downward slide, and unless PDP now reforms and truly starts to desire the people’s welfare, its role and relevance as a political party ended in 2015. We do find that PDP still goes by the name of “political party”, but that is an illusion or delusion. This type of delusion is quite common in Nigeria. Here are a couple of examples: there is a stretch of uneven ground, thinly tarred, that has no traffic lights, no pedestrian crossings, no pavement, just huge potholes, more like craters, yet Nigerians insist on calling it a “Road”. There is a patchy-roofed building with no electricity, no water, no Science labs, no toilets, yet Nigerians insist on calling it a “School”. In the same way, the PDP of today is basically a Social Club but of course, its members will insist that it is a “political party”.

There continues to be much talk about the general elections scheduled for 2023. The winner has already been decided. It will be won in the same way as at pre-Independence when fraudulently skewed population figures were used (1952-53 Census) to bring about Arewa domination. In August 2021, the Northern Consensus Movement confidently announced that Northern Nigeria would determine the outcome of the 2023 presidential elections. Their leader Awwal Aliyu mocked, “Politics is a game of numbers and we have the numbers. We are 120 million in population from the North, then the Fulani have 40 million in population and if you put that together that will give you 160 million out of approximately 210 million population in the country… When you take 160 million out of 210 million, what is the balance? About 70 million. I cannot see how 70 million will beat 160 million…”

In essence, PDP and all Nigerians were being told that henceforth, Arewa, (ie the Caliphate), calls the shots. Going on, the last general elections of 2019 is the one that revealed that PDP had degenerated in power and status into being just a Club. The Buhari regime imperially removed Walter Onnoghen from his position as Chief Justice of Nigeria – but could PDP do anything about it? It remains debatable whether the All Progressives Congress (APC) won the 2019 elections, the subsequent Elections Tribunal contesting the results was somewhat farcical – but could PDP do anything about it? In Imo State, the people’s choice of Governor, a PDP member, was openly removed – but could PDP do anything about it? The reality is that PDP has as much power now as a Chess Club has. It is a “political party” in name only. Neither does it have power as an opposition party. PDP will stay like this, before finally going into oblivion.

The reason was explained earlier. There is an Islamization going on and PDP is not needed for that. It is APC that is spearheading it. For instance the APC Vice-President Osinbajo, a Professor of Law, and supposedly also a Pastor, in June 2019 when on an official visit to the USA showed his support for the Islamization programme by denying that Christians were being killed, to which American former official Frank Gaffney in amazement responded by describing Osinbajo as “He lies shamelessly — including this weekend in New York — about the anti-Christian persecution his government is at least tolerating and, at worst, enabling…”

Should the Caliphate Agenda of Islamization and Fulanization of Nigeria continue, and even get success, the fate of PDP would be sealed. One only has to consider what the Taliban are doing in Afghanistan for clues. Clues can also be found in Nigeria itself. There is an ongoing vicious and horrific slaughter of indigenous peoples, mainly Christians, by Jihadist Fulani. Therefore, those PDP members who are unable to escape abroad in time, may meet the same sad end as some politicians in Afghanistan are getting: being beheaded.

PDP in the New South, ie Middle Belt and South, should have a thorough thinking session, minus ego and emotionalism, about the clear and present danger they are in. Just like their people are facing Islamization, land grab, and being slaughtered, SO ARE THEY! Just as the instrument that puts their people in an existential threat is the imposed and illegitimate 1999 Constitution, that 1999 Constitution is also what is bringing about PDP’s powerlessness and eventual demise.

All the signs needed to alert PDP that they are onto a loser if they go to Elections 2023 are there. PDP in the New South area would however be onto a clear winner should they choose to SIDE WITH THEIR PEOPLE! It is really as simple as that. If PDP were to become the CHAMPIONS of their people it would give PDP relevance and a new purpose. Thus it would give them power! The NINAS Movement is the vehicle PDP should therefore enter and join their people. Together they would Decommission their number one enemy, that sham 1999 Constitution. The process involves a Transitional Government so PDP would then be in good position to make inputs in the transitioning process.

To conclude, it is hoped that PDP has the moral and intellectual ability to look inwards and acknowledge that they have been emasculated and are now at the level of a Social Club. For more information on the NINAS Movement they can visit http://www.ninasvoice.org and contact the Secretariat.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.