Opinion | Feudalization of Nigeria Through Unitary Constitution: A Strategy for Conquest

By Tony Nnadi
Constitutional Lawyer and Co-Convener of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS), Tony Nnadi, Esq. argues in this video that the Feudalization of Nigeria by way of Unitary Constitutional order is Caliphate’s main strategy for conquest and Fulanization.

The 1999 Constitution put such enormous powers in the hands of Presidents and Governors that the only way to grasp its extent of those powers is to realize that Nigeria has been Feudalized.

The sheer wordings of the 1999 Constitution, put the occupants of those two offices in the Position of Absolute Rulers, unaccountable to anyone whilst in office.

The Core Strategy for that FEUDALIZATION was in the May 27, 1967 to overthrow the Federal Constitutional Basis of Nigeria and to replace same with a Unitary Constitutional Order between 1967 and 1979, wherein the Illicit Federal Government that emerged from the ruins of the 1966 Collapse of the Federation of Nigeria, essentially Hijacked and Confiscated the Key Economic Assets and Powers of the erstwhile Federating Regions Centralizing the Control of Governance Powers and the Economic Assets that belonged to those ousted Federating Regions.

Having successfully Feudalized Nigeria, the Caliphate is now Fulanizing the Country.

By Feudalization, it was easy for the Caliphate to recruit Regional Renegades who were more than happy to be the Wielders of Unlimited Power in their Territories whilst in return, supporting the overbearing powers of the so-called Federal Government as headed by the President and the Centralized Armed Security over which the President presides as Commander-In-Chief.

That is how we got to such disasters as we now see in Ebonyi, Imo, Kogi (earlier in Lagos of 1999-2007) where emperors have emerged under a supposedly Democratic Dispensation and that is why it had been extremely difficult to find people around the Power Beltways in our Homeland (and across the Alliance Territories), who will stand with the NINAS Propositions and Undertakings aimed at retrieving our Sovereignty Hijacked by the Post-Britain Suzerainty of Unitary Nigeria.

The only real chance we (the Rest of Nigeria) have against the Caliphate in their Conquest Onslaught, is to Take Down the Unitary Constitution by which they Feudalized and thus Centralized Power.

If we do not accomplish the task of overthrowing that fraudulent instrument swiftly enough, it is only a matter of little time for the FULANIZATION which simply means, ousting and replacing, (by Conquest and Extermination), the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria, with Fulani from across the Sahel.

With the 1999 Constitution as the Chief-Mechanism for how Nigeria is currently configured and controlled, Considering on the one hand, how far the British-Assisted Fulani Caliphate has gone in their Conquest schemes; and the other hand, how far the NINAS Alliance has gone in halting and upturning both the Fulani Conquest March and the Unitary Constitution (1999) that enable the march, the 2023 Electoral Cycle, to the extent of being defined by the current vexed contestations around that 1999 Constitution by the two sides, holds the ace for who will prevail.

For us, LNC/NINAS, Enacting Domino-2 defines what is left of the Humongous Liberation Task of achieving Victory over that Monstrous Caliphate Enemy.

Domino-2 means Rejection of the 2023 Electoral Voyage on account of our Repudiation of the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution and the Unitary Union of Death it Foists.

Tony Nnadi, Esq. is a Constitutional Lawyer and Co-Convener of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS)