Opinion | Embracing Your Female Sexuality (2)

By Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan

I have been reading comments on the threads of the walls where my post have been shared since yesterday.

I find the Men wailing on Mercedes’ wall where she shared my post titled – “Embracing Your Female Sexuality” absolutely hilarious.

What is new? A post addressing women & talking about women’s bodies, always gets a lot of men sooo badly triggered.

Knowledge is power, and some people will stop at nothing to fight knowledge for fear that the control of the leash placed around women’s necks for aeons may be taken off their hands.

I call it the Slave Master Withdrawal symptom. Their title is being threatened by the in flock of powerful information.

The more ignorant a woman is the more amenable she is to the average nigerian man. (small caps intended).

One of the Men had this 👇 to say..

Women symbolizes all the good things associated with humanity. Purity, creation and recreation, peace, pride etc. Everything that makes for good living is embedded in a woman. A good home is the handiwork of a woman, good children is the offshoot of a woman, a well balanced society is on a woman’s shoulder as such u wouldn’t want my daughter exploring her sexuality by fucking around.

I need my woman to tell me where to touch her and how I could help her reach her orgasmic eldorado but mbok don’t open your honey pot to the congregation in the quest to explore, discover and satisfy your sexual extremities… Phew! Sex is overrated if you ask me.”

I find the first paragraph hilarious. Who are these Men fooling? They place the burden of a higher Moral standard on women’s shoulders just so they have a basis for policing womens actions and excusing their own failures.

If Men really believe that women are all that as stated in the first paragraph, Why aren’t we the heads of the homes? Why aren’t Men expected to submit to us? Why aren’t we the majority leaders of the nation?

You see that wash up there.. Na with hypo and hot water. As a woman, never buy into that doctored pedestal men try to sell to you, its a trap!!. It is bound to collapse and bury you underneath its rubbles.

As you can see, having held women to an impossible standard in his first paragraph, he then immediately proceeds to place restrictions on how the female should choose to explore her sexuality, which he refers to as “extremities” – (Its always a negative conotation, once it has to do with feminine sexual liberty)

Yet, he tells us what he wants from his wife. (So hilarious). He wants her to be able to direct him to her pleasure buttons and guide him on how to get her to climax.

And his wife is supposed to know this, how? By celestial intervention? Is she supposed to stick her hand in her anus and smell it to arrive at this information?

How is a woman expected to understand her body sexually, enough to tell you where exactly to touch to pleasure her and how exactly to bring her to climax, without first exploring her sexuality and toying with sexual pleasure over time ? How?

Then he rounds it off by telling us that Sex is Overrated.. kwakwakwakwakwakwakwa🤣🤣🤣. If you believe that statement from the lips of a man, you must be more foolish than a Goat.

🤦‍♀️ I hope you can properly analyse what’s happening here.

Women!!! the same people who charge you to guard your hymen jealously and demand chastity of you your whole life until marriage are the exact same people who will turn around and instantly demand that you reign down whore-dom in your matrimonial bedroom, for the benefit of your “sexuallly over exposed husband” to keep him from cheating on you with the same kind of women they condemned.

Ladies!!! Ona mumu never tey? Its high time we stopped acting the puppet role in the hands of these dicatators.

Your sexuality and sexual pleasure is in you and for you. Indulge in sex, explore and get to understand your bodies for your pleasure. Whether you choose to self pleasure or derive pleasure from another party, never forget that your pleasure is paramount.

You matter 100% in that activity. Sex is for you, for your body, your pleasure, your health. Its not something you give to or do for the benefit of someone else.

And no one (Especially “No Man”) is in a position or even possesses the moral justification to set boundaries/restrictions for you on how to explore or indulge in your own sexuality.

There is liberty in the ability to spot nonsense when you see it.

Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan is a Nigerian Attorney, Social Commentator and Gender Rights Advocate.