Opinion | Daddy Freeze’s definition of a ”legal bastard” and the mob attack on pastors

By Ross Alabo-George

Daddy Freeze defined the word ”Bastard” in a very African way. In one of the videos in which he thoroughly insulted Bishop David Oyedepo, he described a bastard as one who ”uses a left hand to point at his father’s house”. After that, he called the bishop a “screeching bald fowl”. In African tradition, when you insult a man old enough to be father, you have pointed to your “father’s house with your left hand.”

Freeze is all shades of nasty. He calls anyone that disagrees with him a bastard and takes no prisoners in his debates. He has called leaders of faith like Pastor Adeboye, Oyedepo, Adefarasin et al thieves, and unprintable names. I couldn’t but chuckle when I watched his very solemn response to Pastor Ibiyeomie’s harsh rebuke. It was a dramatized and well-scripted response crafted to appeal to the emotions of people who do not know his antecedents. He deserves no apology.

Social media is helping us organize movements but it has also raised a cruel mob of the most insensitive kind. Some hired to insult anyone who does not agree with them or their leaders, and others like Freeze who “point to their father’s house with their left hand”.

In Kalabariland, when you insult an elder, the first question people around ask you is: “ĂŹbala so faa?” meaning ”Are you not afraid?” I have often believed and still do, that this tradition of regard for elders is best practiced in Yorubaland. However, it is taking the ”militant” in an Ijaw pastor to treat the ‘f**k up’ of the recalcitrant leader of Free the Sheeple. While we may not all agree with the incensed mode of delivery, we now understand that the rage was not without cause.

In many African traditions, there is really no margin between respect and ‘fear’. Not ‘fear’ from the threat of danger, but reverence to the grey-headed.

I do not believe that Freeze’s parents support his extreme callousness. They seem too decent for that. But we know that charity (and foolishness) begins at home. They would not be surprised because this vile nature of insulting elders did not begin today.

There are also many like Freeze who don’t have his kind of boldness to call Bishops and elders ‘fowls’ but wait to amplify the Freezes of the World. These ones are the waiting mob and they have a deep-seated hatred for pastors and the pentecostal movement. They characterize the church by the mistakes and inactions of real pastors and choose the bad reports as the anthem for social media persecution.

For those who want David Ibiyeomie’s head for calling Mr. Freeze a bastard, you need to see the video in which Daddy Freeze called ”everyone who believes that Jesus was not a poor man” bastards. He directly also called Bishop Oyedepo a bastard. In fact, Freeze classified the word, and created another sub-group called ”Legal Bastards”. In all of his definitions, he pointed to his father’s house with his left hand.

Hold your opinion on Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Bishop Oyedepo. This piece is not to convince you. 🙂

  • Ross Alabo-George, a computer scientist and social commentator, writes from Port Harcourt.