Opinion | APC An Undemocratic Party

By Osita Chidoka
Former Aviation Minister Osita Chidoka

Today, the All Progressives Congress National Working Committee organized a strange meeting in a strange location, Federal Executive Council Chamber and took a strange decision not known to the APC constitution to wit: dissolution of NWC.

The Party also set up a strange body called a caretaker committee sworn in by a strange person, Attorney General of the federation who by APC constitution is not allowed to hold a Party position. The APC constitution provides in Article 18(iv) “No officer in any organ of the Party shall hold executive position office in government concurrently.”

Interestingly the word dissolution is not in the APC constitution so the action of dissolution is unlawful and illegal.

Dissolving elected party administrators in a wrongly constituted meeting is a coup against the constitution of the party.

The Caretaker Committee membership is also a violation of the Article 18(iv) which forbids an elected Governor from holding a party position. This illegal appointment and oath administered to the Governor of Yobe is a violation of his oath of office as Governor of Yobe and a gross abuse of his office as Governor. He should resign and rescind that oath immediately.

The All Progressives Congress is gradually exposing its anti democratic foundation and is now publicly displaying its romance with the era of coups which Nigerians had voted to consign to our inglorious past.

Our democracy is founded on rule of law and when our Chief Law Officer violates the law of his own party by participating in the illegal dissolution and swearing-in of a body not known to the constitution of the party then our nation is in trouble. This precedent set by the Attorney-General must be challenged to restore the tattered reputation of the office.

Our national tragedies of insecurity, economic downturn, mounting and unsustainable debt cannot be combined with a needless party crisis that can be resolved by simply obeying the laws of the land.

This illegality only points us to the fact that the APC government has no respect for the laws of our land and have used illegal methods to achieve its ignoble aim of emasculating opponents in its bid to capture state institutions.

The National Assembly, judiciary, political parties and civil society should stop this descent to anarchy.

  • Osita Chidoka is a former Nigerian Aviation Minister and FRSC Corp Marshall.