Opinion | Again, wrong diagnosis, wrong prescription, wrong treatment: and Nigeria died

By Tony Nnadi

In the video below, the Guest, Mahdi Shehu, posits that the panacea to the Complex Problems of Nigeria is for Nigerians to identify and Vote for better Political Leaders in future Elections.

On the surface, this seems an excellent Prescription but unfortunately, Mahdi Shehu’s Prescription is premised on a totally wrong Diagnosis and so the Prescription is absolutely wrong. The LNC posits that the real Monster behind the Complex Problems of Nigeria including Nigeria’s Extremely Poor Leadership, is the Warped, Imposed, Toxic, Unitary 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.

Perhaps the rapidly increasing pangs, miseries, mass impoverishment and hopelessness of Nigerians, arising wrongheaded actions of Government will drive this Fundamental Issue home faster to all than the two decades of preachments of the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners has done.

It may shock us to learn that recent hikes in the Pump price of Petrol as well as the 300% increase in the unit cost of Electricity (N22 to N66) are direct consequences of the 68-Item Federal Exclusive Legislative List in the 1999 Constitution.

Reasons are :
(1) Despite the presence of four huge Federal Government-Owned Refineries, Nigeria that produces nearly 3 Million Barrels of Crude Oil Daily, today depends 100% of imported Petroleum Products and so prices are tied to the vagaries of Petroleum Prices in the International Market. This is so because the Four Refineries are run down and not Refining any Petroleum. The only reason we are in that mess is that Petroleum Refineries is on that obnoxious Exclusive List and so only the Federal Government can License and Operate Petroleum Refineries. If that Item is removed from the Exclusive List today, in a matter of Months, the story of Importation of Petroleum Products will cease, along with the weird tales of Subsidy and the Humongous Corruption surrounding it. Nothing else is will solve that problem.

(2) At a time that South Africa with just about one-third of Nigeria’s Population is running on over 50,000 Megawatts of Electricity, the fact that Nigeria of 200 Million People is still discussing 4000 to 6000 Megawatts of Electricity is because Electricity Generation and Transmission is on the Exclusive List wherefore only the Federal Government of Nigeria can Generate and Transmit Electricity. The sudden jump in Electricity Tariffs is simply because the Federating Units have been locked out of the Power to Generate and Transmit Electricity. Remove that item from the Exclusive List today and in no time, the Federating Units will be Generating and Transmitting more than 60,000 Megawatts of Electricity. Nothing else will solve the Electricity nightmare of Nigeria.

As it is with Petroleum Products and Electricity, so it is with Gross Insecurity, Decayed Infrastructure, Pervasive Corruption, Impunity, Dubious Elections and all the other Demons of Nigeria. They ALL flow directly from the Toxic Unitary Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria and nothing else will resolve the Quagmire Nigeria has been turned into or save the Distressed Federation of Nigeria from a disorderly Disintegration with great blood costs, than the IMMEDIATE wholesale abrogation of the Rogue 1999 Constitution just as South Africa had to do to ease itself out of its Apartheid Constitution Quagmire between 1990 and 1994.

Anyone who does not yet admit that the Unworkable Unitary Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria is the Tap from which ALL the miseries being lamented flow, and that the solution lies in Turning Off the Tap instead of Mopping More Vigorously, is either irredeemably dishonest or hopelessly ignorant.

Nigeria’s Problem is Structural and not the Leadership Problem being bandied around.

The former is directly responsible for the latter and the solution to Nigeria lies in the Fundamental Reconfiguration of it’s Damaged Constitutional Basis and not in changing its Leadership bandwagon.

For a completely different  DIAGNOSIS, PRESCRIPTION and TREATMENT, open and view the contents of this link below :

The nexial relationships between the FOUNDATION, the VERTICAL COLUMNS and the ROOFING Structure of a building, are exactly like the POLITY (Constitution), the POLITICS and the POLICIES of a Country.

Nigeria is the mess it is today because it chose to erect itself on a totally damaged Constitutional Foundation (POLITY) and so Nigeria keeps struggling with crumbling POLITICS which for decades has in turn been throwing up the most POLICIES.

The three-legged definition of Democracy as Government OF the People (Polity, Constitution), BY the People (Politics, Parties) FOR the People (Policies that Work for the People), refer exactly to the POLITY, POLITICS and POLICIES.

It is a monumental disaster that those who should know these are still discussing Political Party Reconfiguration (ie Restructuring of Political Parties) instead of Union Reconfiguration (Restructuring of the Country).

Let this post be shared very widely and particularly directed to the Trade/Labour Unions, the Church Leaders, the Youth Organizations, the Women Organizations, the Town/Market Union Networks, the Self-Determination Agitation Organizations, the Body of Lawyers and other Professionals, our People in the Diaspora and all other Stakeholders who might be on the frontlines of combating or bearing the brunt of the mass impoverishment and death being unleashed on Nigerians by the forces of Caliphate hegemony that have seized the carcass of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria, and now wearing the trapped Constituent Components in furtherance of the Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria.

Tony Nnadi is an Attorney and Secretary-General of Lower Niger Congress. Enquiries to: +234-810-056-9448
Email: info@lowernigercongress.org