Opinion | 2023 Is In God’s Hands; For Our Good, Let DSP Omo-Agege Remain Focused

There is a rising wave of disingenuous attacks designed to dent the solid national political profile of the Most Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the Deputy President of the Senate. Attacks are orchestrated by those who just fear the DSP’s grace and unstoppable political leadership profile. So cowardly, majority of them have been operating under the cover of darkness, pseudonyms and unsecured social media avatars. 
The DSP’s pragmatic politics, courageous leadership in tough times, unquenchable thirst for excellence, performance records in just five years, and very bright political future are no doubt  sources of deep worry for those who have appointed themselves as his political foes even when there is no contest at all. To dent his profile, they have embraced lies, shenanigans and political foolishness as their best options. The fear of Omo-Agege is now the beginning of irresponsible politicking by elements whose hearts are infected with envy and pettiness. 
They want our people to believe without any evidence that Senator Omo-Agege caused Chief Great Ogboru to lose the last governorship election in Delta. We agree that that would be terrible if true, so we have been asking them repeatedly to just show us the evidence supporting that allegation. They don’t have evidence at all! We have asked them to tell us how the DSP was able to singlehandedly bring down Ogboru despite his popularity. They don’t have any answer. We have asked how the Senator who was excluded from the security and general planning of the governorship election could have influenced its outcome in the 23 LGA’s that INEC declared that the APC lost in that election? They don’t have any answer. They don’t have any reasonable answer to any question on their allegations at all. Their desperate but childish objective is to paint the DSP as a figure of hate for those gullible enough to buy their ‘tales by moonlight’ fantasies. But we all know the realm in which fantasies actually exist, so we loudly say to them – Dream on!
Next, they are alleging that Senator Omo-Agege did not ‘help’ Chief Ogboru to win in the tribunal, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. But they will not tell you that the Senator’s immediate Personal Assistant, Moses Anaughe, also lost in the same courts. In fact, the same Supreme Court panel that dismissed Chief Ogboru’s appeal also dismissed Anaughe’s application for a review of his case, and on the same date. One just imagines what they would be saying by now if somehow that same gave judgment in favour of Anaughe after dismissing the governorship appeal. Just pause and imagine the evil propaganda and campaign of calumny they would have been spreading against the DSP by now. 
The most troubling issue here is that they are not even saying what exactly the DSP ought to have done that he didn’t do. Ask them whether there was anything that the People’s General asked Senator Omo-Agege to do as a younger brother that he (DSP) refused to do, they will be moping and looking towards the skies like fake rainmakers! Asked them whether they know the fire the DSP passed through himself in his own cases in various courts and the number of SANs he hired to win, they will go cold, quiet and confused. Ask them if there is anybody who won a case in the Supreme Court based on INEC ‘card reader’ report they will go cold, quiet and confused because they know that the apex Court said very clearly that the card reader is unknown to our laws. Ask them whether APC had the time to tender ALL the voters registers in the Tribunal and whether the petitioners were able to connect registers tendered to the polling unit results as required by the Electoral Act, they will be staring at you! Finally, ask them whether Ogboru told them to unjustly tarnish the DSP’s image, they will not say anything, and there lies the ominous problem.
Still on the useless attempt to label the DSP as the mighty power that stopped Ogboru, the question is, was it the same DSP who stopped Ogboru in 2003, 2007, 2011 (rerun), 2011 (general elections) and 2015 – a total of 5 times? Why does it seem difficult for those blackmailing the innocent DSP to accept the naked truth that Ogboru is not doing something right and needs to take full responsibility for his actions and inactions? 
Why is it easier for them to shift the blame to innocent people every 4 years? Has Ogboru ever taken responsibility for any lost election? Must it always be other people? Should a constantly troublesome last wife in a polygamous family who quarrels over every little thing expect to win any election in that family? Always quarreling with people whom you desperately need to just turn a difficult political corner is not and cannot be smart politicking. I dare say it is naive, if not foolish. Not even taking responsibility for any accident thereafter is childish, wicked and diversionary, and it is just not acceptable.
Again, did Ogboru charge the DSP with the duty to oversee elections anywhere for him in Delta? Why is it difficult for the blackmailers to mention those who had such a direct charge, for example in Delta North. A person who could not even vote in her unit, yet she was unilaterally named the defacto political leader in Delta North – just to spite heavyweight political leaders who are very well tested in the ‘art and science’ of elections.
The good news however is that no amount of vicious attacks can bring down an innocent, good person. They know the truth. And that truth is that the DSP boldly chested out for Ogboru as an elder brother. He never saw him as a fellow politician. To him, Great Ogboru is ‘Bros’ to be highlyrespected, not feared. Even when he was publicly vilified for insisting on working with Ogboru, he took it as fair because he was determined to bear any cross to help a good brother win. Even when little, petty minds within tried to undermine him, he chose to be focused on the prize for the greater good of our people. 
Yes there are enemies, I mean very very foolish ones. They think the only way up for them is to create problems, but they are wrong. No one can bring down a man whose path has been laid by divine order, a man whose kernels have been cracked by the benevolent Spirit of God. Omo-Agege is a product of God’s grace, and there is nothing they can do to undo God’s plan for his life. 
Now, let’s turn to a specific but another petty issue that has been eating up the Senator’s accusers. Recently, they have been attacking him harshly for simply having a well attended thanksgiving mass and reception party. Their grouse is that the Senator sinned for not stopping Deltans from other political parties from attending the occasion to celebrate the first Urhobo and South Southerner to occupy the position of DSP in Nigeria’s history! Who does that? Which good leader, properly called, would have stationed security men or thugs at the gate of a church to embarrass and turn away people who are proudly celebrating the Urhobo Nation just because those people are not members of his party? Again, who does that? Are we mortal enemies because we are in different parties? Who knows what tomorrow holds? Was Chief Ogboru not His Excellency Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan’s rival for 8 consecutive years? Did they not come together as brothers in 2019? Was it not celebrated as the right thing by many, especially those who now want to crucify the DSP for allowing some PDP leaders to attend a church thanksgiving? What is the problem of these people, really? Envy or they must just talk against the DSP? 
Before the Thanksgiving they were everywhere deceiving and lying to gullible people that the DSP was no longer relevant in Abuja and national politics. However, they were shocked when The Presidency, members of the Federal Executive Council and the leadership of the National Assembly overwhelmingly attended the thanksgiving mass. It was a question of something good coming out of Nazareth against their expectations. 
Unable to accept the reality of the huge success of the Thanksgiving Mass, they then turned to question the attendance of prominent political leaders from across party lines. What they failed to understand is that the office of DSP is a national office far above pettiness and unnecessary vindictive politics by small minded individuals. Delta, South-South only got it for the first time. It’s a positive sign that leaders across party lines like the very calm and mature Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State and the fearless Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State came to celebrate the DSP as a great ambassador of the South South. They came to rejoice with a brilliant and fearless Urhobo son, and it is offensive that anyone would ever expect an apology for that. Politics is no job for cowards and foxes. 
Creating the impression that the well-attended Thanksgiving was a PDP show is an insult on the Vice President, His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, GCON, the Senate President, Senator (Dr) Ahmad Lawan, CON, the SGF, Mr Boss Mustapha, APC Governors of Kaduna, Imo and Jigawa, the National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and indeed other prominent leaders of the APC who attended the Thanksgiving in a grand style. 
Singling out Chief Great Ogboru and Sir Richard Odibo who decided not to attend for reasons best known to them despite being respectfully invited well ahead of time is out of place. Those promoting this inconsequential narrative had better look for other songs to sing because this music has failed woefully to strike the right chord. 
In any case, the Thanksgiving Mass and Reception were well-attended by prominent party leaders from Delta State. To mention a few, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, Rt. Hon. (Rev) Francis Ejiroghene Waive, Olorogun Festus Keyamo, SAN (Minister of State, Labour and Productivity), Prophet Jones Ode Erue (Delta State APC Chairman), Chief Bernard Okumagba, Chief Frank Ovie Kokori, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, Chief Hyacinth Enuha, Chief Alexander Imarah, Hon. Innocent Anidi, Hon. Charles Oniyere, Dr. Mrs. Veronica Ogbuagu, Dr. Olisa Charles Obiechina, Hon. Lawrence Ozegbe, Hon. Engr. Doris Uboh, Chief Ayiri Emami, Chief Halims Agoda, Dr. Ogaga Ifovwodo, Hon. Temi Harriman, Prince Yemi Emiko, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Chief Ede Dafinone, Chief Osiobe Okotie, Chief Michael Johnny and many others too numerous to mention. 
Since the emergence of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as Deputy President of the Senate, the number of his friends have expectedly increased on account of how he relates very well with people. He’s a people’s guy. Naturally, enemies will also come in the process and they are welcomed. Nobody is afraid of them. They will be related to howsoever they want it, though the DSP has not indicated that he would strike anyone first. But whoever thinks the DSP will foolishly turn the other cheek if they mistakenly slap him unfairly should take a trip to Kwara and ask one guy there just one question about how our Obarisi treats ‘anyhow nonsense’. They may learn one or two things differently. 
Yes, 2023 political permutations may be driving many who think their interests may be in jeopardy to be acting with so much indiscretion and conspiracy. But all that is hasty and unnecessary. The DSP has not indicated interest to contest the governorship of Delta or anything for that matter. There is no need to use 2023 calculations to launch a smear campaign on the DSP who is simply focused on doing his best for the people. Leave him alone. 
He is unstoppable. He is going places and the earlier his traducers realize this and align in their own interest, the better for them. His father named him Ovie  (meaning King) and he is living that meaning of his name as God has blessed him by grace. Whoever chooses to trouble The Obarisi of Urhoboland and Deputy President of the Senate will lose badly, very badly. May God bless The Obarisi.
  • Matthew Aruviere Egharhevwa, Esq., an attorney, wrote in from the UK.