Okpa Hits Market In Powder Form

Okpa, a popular food in the eastern part of Nigeria traditionally prepared in solid form with palm oil, has been put in powder form.

Instead of the solid form found in markets and streets, the powder Okpa now in shelves in super markets can be be prepared without much stress.

Okpa powder

“Just pour the powder into a bowl, add warm water, red oil, salt and pepper and bits ready to eat.’’

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Ozy Emerald Okonkwo@emeraldozy

Where are my food lovers,This one is for you,this is OKPA in powder form. Just pour into a bowl,add warm water,red oil,salt and pepper and bits ready to eat. We send it anywhere you are even in the abroad.Please kindly retweet Abeg.38612:53 PM – Apr 26, 2019 · Abuja, Nigeria467 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

It can be sent anywhere in the world and can lasts longer.

Okpa is derived from leguminous plant called Bambara. It is not only cheap and tasty, it has good health benefits.

The powder okpa is packaged in 500grammes and 1 kilogramme.

While the 500g sells for N800, the 1kg is sold for N1,600 in some super markets. (NAN)

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